In the age of ever-changing technology, everyone is looking to stay up to date on the latest advances, whether that includes computers, phones, or vehicles. This year is no different, with accessories and already installed technologies that you don’t want to miss. Check out a few of our favorite vehicle technologies and why you don’t want to live without them!

Rearview Camera

If you are buying a car or truck soon, look for vehicles that have the rearview camera feature. Not only is this great for that parallel parking that many of us could use some work on, but it is also a great safety feature. In fact, by 2018 all vehicles under 10,000 pounds that are made after 2018 will be required to have a rearview camera installed to minimize accidents caused from blind spots when backing up. Get this technology now and you’ll be ahead of the crowd!

In-Car Wi-Fi

A growing number of vehicles are starting to implement Wi-Fi hot spot technology into their entertainment systems, allowing you to access the Internet wherever your vehicle may be. This can be great for getting some quick work done without the hassle of finding a place to access the Internet. It’s also great for your passengers, especially on long car rides, as they can use their iPads or keep from racking up data usage while on the go.

Bluetooth Audio

Many cars and trucks allow you to operate your phone wirelessly when you receive or make a call, but Bluetooth Audio also allows you to play music through the system as well. This means eliminating pesky cords or homemade CDs and just pushing a button on your console instead. This feature is not one to wrack up the bill, so it’s definitely one worth specifying for.

Active Driving Aids

As mentioned above, a rearview camera that alerts you when you are getting to close to an object behind you is definitely worth having. But what about the other driving aids that are becoming more frequently available? As we take steps closer and closer towards cars that drive themselves, driving aids can be extremely helpful from a safety standpoint. Active driving aids can include things like help steering to stay in your lane or automatic brakes that stop your car if you are about to run into something. Although you may not enjoy the thought of a self-driving car, technology like this could potentially significantly cut back on the amount of accidents that occur each year.

Technology is constantly improving in every aspect of our lives, and the vehicle world is no exception. With the growing number of gadgets and add-ons available in vehicles, it can often be hard to decide what is really worth the money and what is just more for show. With a little research and trial, you will easily discover what fits best with your wants and needs. Visit your local dealer to see what technologies are coming your way!

Written by Marc Laferriere, owner and operator of Dents Unlimited, where he and his expert staff offer the best auto repair Columbia MO has to offer!