In preparation for the hottest summer days many people start some research into new AC units if their old ones have broken down or are no longer efficient enough. Keeping up to date with the latest in AC technology can also greatly reduce your energy consumption and increase your comfort levels.

The last 10 years have seen some significant improvements in performance and energy efficiency and this is what will ultimately drive the price and your choice of brand.

There are many companies that make air conditioning systems for home use and they all have their benefits. Some are cheaper, but don’t have the latest technology, while others are leading the way in innovating ever more efficient designs. As a consumer your budget will have a big impact on what you will buy, but you should certainly know exactly what output power you need to provide effective cooling for your home.


This is one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to consumer electronics. Most people will know them for their cell phones and TVs, but they also are heavily involved in the AC market. Based in South Korea they have been making AC units for many years proving them to be one of the industry leaders.

Not only do they have some of the most energy efficient and smallest devices, but they also pride themselves in the ability to remove many of the most common airborne allergens benefiting the owners health.


Throughout the world you will find one brand that supplies the most air conditioners to households, and that is LG. It is one of Samsung’s main competitors and is also based in South Korea and the two companies are constantly head to head in providing ever better devices to consumers. Some of their most recent technologies introduced in consumer AC products include their plasma filtration system and the highly efficient jet cooling.

If you have a larger budget then opting for one of LGs top range models will certainly pay off in the long term and provide for much higher levels of comfort.


This is one of the world’s oldest companies in the air conditioning industry. Founded in 1902 and based in Farmington, Connecticut, Carrier are heavily involved in heating and cooling solutions for both residential and commercial premises. With over 40,000 employees they serve customers in 170 countries around the world, making this a truly global success story.

From the very first days of the company it has been involved in coming up with some of the most innovative inventions that have changed air cooling many times over.


This Japanese company has also had long lasting success in air conditioning and also proven that it is dedicated to customer satisfaction. The company is over 100 years old and is constantly working on improving energy efficiency, driving innovation in this field for many years. For a long time now they have been able to hold the claim to offering the lowest power consumption on the market.

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