Logo are the identity of the company as the presentation and it affects the success of the company. Creating a recognizable brand is the real motto of the company and designing of creative logo helps the company to achieve this goal. Over the period, logo helps the consumer to identify the brand and communicate the objectives of the organization. Logos are the identity of the company and they should stand out at the plain background to grab the attention of the consumer. Logos helps to convey the message and aim of the company; therefore, they are not created overnight. If you do not have a designer in your team, you can always go for logo design services to create a professional logo. Brand awareness is the underlying motive of designing a logo; therefore, you need to make something, which stands out among competition.

The brand is personal to the company as it establishes an emotional relationship between the brand, consumer, and the organization. The advertising and marketing of the product and company conducted in an effective manner will presents a positive picture to the targeted community. Logos are more than a group of shapes and icons in beautiful colors; in fact, logos serve as a medium of communication with the outside world.

What Makes Up A Brand Identity?

The identity or ‘image’ of a company consists of many visual cues:

  • The Logo (A symbol of the entire brand)
  • Stationery (emblem used on Letterheads, business card, etc.)
  • Marketing Collateral (Flyers, blogs, brochures, websites, etc.)
  • Uniform Design (clothing items worn by employees)
  • Products & Packaging (color scheme, quality of product, delivery)
  • Signage (Interior & exterior design)
  • Other Communication mediums (Audio, smell, touch, etc.)

All of the aforementioned cues make up an identity and should support the brand as a whole. The brand logo however, is the corporate identity, which represents the brand as a whole.

Brand Resonance With A Professional Logo

Consistency In Logos

Consistency of the design of the logo can help the company improve the interaction with the consumers as the customer depends on the logo for identifying the quality of the product. Continuous changes in the design of a logo can confuse the consumer or he may insist for the product with the last logo.

With the change in the design of the logo, the identity of the brand also changes significantly; as the quality of the service, product, quality, and awareness of the brand effects the company logo in a positive or negative way.

“We are what we repeatedly do” – Aristotle

The consistency and maintenance of the quality of the brand is directly associated with the consistency of the logo. A good logo design can help a company to maintain the integrity and identity of the company. The company is an individual identity; which gives it a personality and this personality can be tampered easily. If the company is looking to introduce sub-brands of the company, it needs to keep in mind that the new or modified logo should complement the previous one so that the consumer can understand the relation of the companies.  Modifying an existing logo rather than designing a new one is financially effective and it will affect the budget of the organization. The marketing and advertising of the new ventures are also incorporated in the previous campaigns to help the company in attaining its marketing and advertising goals.

Brand Continuity

A creative logo design can help the organization to represent their brand in the form of visual art that can help them attract the community. The concept of brand continuity can help the organization to maintain and improve the concept of brand pride. The company uses the logos externally and internally which helps the worker and consumer to maintain a positive relation with the organization.

The consistency in the selection of the printing agency is also associated with the maintenance of brand continuity. The company can claim the quality by incorporating catchy text in the logo and can pique the interest of the public to understand the underlying message of the organization. An important aspect of the reputation and image of the company is Brand continuity. The logo of the company needs to be flexible enough so that it adjusts according to the expansion needs of the company.

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