We all can find hundreds of thousands of vendors for any product and with millions of variants available. That’s why for companies, it is the game of survival as companies need to think about how they can lure their customers. And, most importantly, how to retain them. After-sales support is one way in this concern.

This little effort can pay off for them in the long-term. The following are two strategies in which companies can make their customers remain with them for some time to come.

  1. Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are perhaps the best way to make sure that your customer remains with you. The loyalty program works in different ways, but all over the world, the point system is very much used. When you buy a product, the company offers you some points that you can redeem for further use.

For example, if you will buy a product worth $100, you will get five points that you can use in the future. Of course, there are not many products that you can buy for $5. So, this will entice customers like you to buy further from that company so that those $5 will keep on adding in points until you will get to $50 or $100 so that you can buy a product for free.

How can this Work for any Company?

I am sure that some of my readers will argue that in the end, you will have to give a customer a product for free.  So, you will lose $100. but the fact is you will get a loyal customer, and that is much more than the hundred dollars you will give back to him. For a company, if a person will buy products from them around 15 to 20 times a year, this means that they will get thousands of dollars just from that single person. And we all know the profit margin is high so that the company will make a handsome amount.

The second point and the most important one Is having a loyal customer is one of the best ways to increase the sales of your business. This is because the product you are selling is available on hundreds of thousands of other websites. If a person becomes loyal to your company just through the loyalty program, then spending 50 or 100 on him at the end of the year is not a bad deal at all.

Thirdly, the company can always limit the number of products that a person can buy through a loyalty program and also the time in which they can redeem the points.

  1. Use of a Newsletter

We all receive dozens of newsletters daily. The chances are that if you buy products online or Search for websites regarding any research material, you receive even more newsletters or emails. This is because when you first go to a landing page, the requirement of an email address is Virtually mandatory for every website. And most of the time it is already mentioned that you will receive free newsletters or discount offers in email.

There are many reasons for which the use of a newsletter can be very beneficial for any company. This is because when a company offers its new products and services to its target audience, they go through it. A newsletter is like a website where you can put emphasis on a product, but in a newsletter, you have to put emphasis more on design and good offers. That’s why the content is very important.

A Teaser Campaign

We all read emails daily, and they are one of the few communication mediums we daily use apart from text messages. People who work at an office or run their own business check emails multiple times a day. That is why companies that offer newsletters can get the attention of their current or prospective customers very easily.

Through a newsletter, you can launch a product through the teaser campaign much earlier than in actual. For example, if you are trying to launch a product in the summer, you can start the teaser campaign from spring, and over the 3-4 months, you can include some information about the product so that to increase the anticipation and excitement among your target market.

A teaser campaign can be very effective, especially when the company has a limited budget for marketing purposes. Small businesses and startups get a head start in this way and, with the help of a digital marketing company having good expertise in this. If you think companies need to spend handsomely on marketing, options like newsletters and loyalty programs can be very effective, if used properly.

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