There is no doubt that the market is growing at a steady pace, but it is also turning into a more competitive field for businesses at the same time. Steady market growth presents a lot of new opportunities waiting to be explored. The increased competition, however, means businesses need to be cleverer with their marketing strategies.

To stay ahead of the competition, one of the goals businesses need to focus on is reaching their customers (potential customers) in a unique and noticeable way. There are several tactics a business owner can use to achieve that goal and we are going to discuss them in this article.

Challenging Environment

Interactive Social Media Campaigns

You can’t do marketing in 2017 without running at least a small portion of the campaign through social media. Many customers in different segments use social media on a regular basis. In fact, social media is almost as effective as search engines in today’s digital marketing landscape.

Doing an advertising campaign on social media is not enough; not if you want to stand out from the competition and earn the audience’s interest. The way forward is to combine social media activities with offline promotions.

You can, for instance, automatically print out photos posted on Twitter or Instagram using a particular hashtag. This is a campaign many retailers have used to boost their social media presence.

When visiting the store, users can take a selfie, post the photo to their social media pages using a predetermined hashtag, and receive an instant print right away. The campaign may be simple, but it increases user engagement both online and offline.

Text Messages

Another interesting trend is companies using text messages to reach a target audience in a more personalized way. There are several ways to integrate the strategy into your existing campaigns too. You can, for example, use free text messaging services such as to send text messages directly to a customer’s number.

Other approaches involve using location-based and other advanced techniques to reach a wider audience. There are even ways to send a flash message – a text message that immediately appears on the recipient’s screen – for a bigger impact.

Personalization is the key here. You want the short message to be personal and tailored for the strategy to be effective.

Tell an Engaging Story

Lastly, you can’t have a successful campaign in today’s market without a compelling story to tell. Storytelling sits at the heart of every successful digital marketing campaign today. Even better, you can now use a mixture of media to deliver an engaging story to the audience.

Combining the audio/visual element of video content with the interactivity of social media is a great example of an immersive storytelling campaign. You can also use advanced metrics such as channel effectiveness to deliver the story to the right target audience. Customers are interested in the “why?” as much as the product itself, and a good, compelling story is how you capture that interest.

So, are you ready to conquer the challenging environment of today? These strategies and ideas will help you create better campaigns and run successful marketing efforts.