There are two VPS hosting solutions that are very popular in US and they are Windows VPS hosting and the other Linux VPS hosting in USA. More and more enterprises and small businesses are opting either of these virtual private server (VPS) solutions because of more secured environment at less cost than dedicated physical servers. In fact, the difference between the dedicated physical servers and VPS solutions are so thin that it becomes very difficult to say which solution is a better one.

While efficacy of VPS solutions are proven over the years, businesses usually come across some basic questions while choosing a particular VPS hosting solution. As we all know there are two kinds of VPS solutions available. While one is Linux VPS hosting solution, which is based upon Linux operating system, the other one is the Windows VPS solution that is based upon Windows OS. Choosing the right VPS hosting as per specific needs of businesses are one of the most important challenges. To make the task simple, let’s check out the benefits as well as benefits of both Windows and Linux VPS hosting in US.

Comparing Linux VPS Hosting In USA and Windows VPS Hosting

What are the Similarities between these VPS Solutions?

The basic way of functioning of both these virtual private server hosting solutions is similar. The service providers create separate virtual slices out of the physical serversand allocate each slice to a single business. Therefore, a separate virtual space is allocated to every business for storing data as well as run their own applications. This facility provides businesses with very similar results as achieved in dedicated physical servers. Now, this virtualized division can be done either by using Windows Hyper-V hypervisor or Linux kernel. While container based sliced virtualizationcan be done with the use of Linux kernel, Windows Hyper-V hypervisor can be used for creating parent as well as child partitions for supporting multiple slices of server.

It must be noted that MySQL as well as PHP are supported by both Windows VPS and Linux VPS hosting in USA. Both these facilities provide users with multiple resource sets, thereby helping businesses in scaling up operations in VPS as per their respective needs. However, differences between Linux and Windows VPS solutions emerge when the details part come into play.

What are the Benefits of both the VPS Solutions?

Both the OS based VPS solutions have their own advantages. Let’s find out:


GUI of Windows is very popular among users and is very user friendly in nature. A business will get ASP and ASP.NET support for web hosting, which is extreme helpful for VPS hosting. Another benefit users get is the remote desktop access from anywhere.


The most advantageous aspect of Linux VPS Hosting in United States is the cost factor. It is much more affordable than Windows VPS. In fact, you will get most of the Linux based applications free of cost. There are no licensing fees involved and this also helps businesses save lots of bucks. Plesk panel for controlling VPS works with both Windows and Linux, giving businesses more option to operate.