Often you hear people grumbling about the tax deductions that are made to their salaries time and again. Most people get worked up thinking that they would have to pay huge amounts of money to the government, without the government even helping them to earn that money. But before complaining about the fact, it is better to first understand the reason behind it.

Now, what do we mean by tax? Tax is basically an amount of money levied by the government, on the income, service or goods of an individual or company, as a sort of contribution. Having known the proper meaning of the word, the next question that might come to your mind is why should you pay this tax? What is the use of it? Why should you pay for the expenses of the government?

It sure is quite normal for you to raise these questions, considering the fact that you are not aware of where this money goes and what use is being made of it. The tradition of collecting taxes began with the view to maintain mainly the militia of the country but with time, this began to extend in the sale of goods and services too.

Well, you should be happy to know that your hard earned money, paid and collected as tax, is used for your personal gains. The government does not use it solely to feed its officials. The tax that you pay is divided in its use. Some of it goes for the maintenance of the defense forces, some for the upkeep of roads and primarily the infrastructure of the country, the medical and other expenses of government employees. The other area where the government spends this money is in the maintenance of the medical facilities that you happily enjoy, eventually.

It must be surprising for you to discover, that the money you so long thought that you were donating for others, is actually a contribution from your part to make the various facilities of the government that you benefit from available to you. Of course it may fall a bit heavy on you at times. That is why you need to go and seek professionally able people, who can guide you in understanding what the ways are in which you may reduce the amount of tax you pay.

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