Today, the concept of going green has made a huge impact on the way we lead our lives and go about our day to day tasks. Although people are definitely more aware of the importance and long-term benefits of making changes and living the green way. That being said, it is debatable as to how much of the population actually implement these changes in real time. Here are ten small but impactful steps you can take this year to make a positive difference for your planet.

Cut Down Your Waste

Your contribution to the landfill can be cut down significantly and this makes a marked difference to your ecosystem. Though the whole recycle-reuse mantra has reached fever pitch by now, people need to understand that there is much more to managing your waste than setting up bins and making sure your plastic bottles are in a “special bin.” You need to think way before that. One of the most important factors to keep in mind is that when you use less, you waste less. Landfills are just a temporary solution to a problem that is permanent. Nothing you throw away actually “goes away“.

Saving Private Water

Environmentalists predict that fifty years into the future, we will be horrified thinking of how we managed our natural water supply today. More than half of our households indulge in the wastage of this most valuable resource. There are so many ways we can make better use of our resources and cut down on water wastage. One of the most impactful ways to do this is rainwater harvesting. A rainwater harvesting system can be easily implemented at home. The basic components of such a system include a catchment area, a conveyance system, storage system, and a re-distribution system. Advantages of having such a system include a reduced water bill and less dependence on pumping systems during dry spells.

Say No to Junk Mail

We are so used to having junk mail that we are almost blind to it. Today, we have automated systems to segregate junk from our actual mail, so we don’t come across it too much. However, you are still being piled on with junk mail, which continuously drains your storage space, and consumes more energy. With some simple pre-emptive steps and just five minutes of your time, you can stop receiving junk mail altogether, and have a faster, more energy efficient mail system in place.

Choose Your Own Water

Billions of plastic bottles are sold every year in Australia alone. What’s astounding is that less than twenty percent of those bottles are actually recycled. Actually, recycling plastic water bottles is itself an energy wasting practice. Imagine all those bottles piling up somewhere. You will be shocked to know that a fairly high number of bottled water providers actually refill their bottles with normal tap water. Stop buying water bottles. Take an extra minute to use a reusable stainless steel bottle and make use of your home water supply for drinking.

Transform your Transportation

How you get around makes a huge impact on the health of our environment. Apart from cutting down on fuel costs, energy sustaining transportation methods such as walking or cycling radically improves your health, helping you to cut down on medical bills and unnecessary avoid agitation over cardiac problems in the future. Using public transportation or implementing a carpool helps you to be more in touch with other people and even build your social network. If you really have to take your car out, making sure your tyres are inflated adequately, driving at an optimum speed, and inviting people to share your trips can make a huge difference to the environment in a positive way.

Lend a Hand to Local Businesses

Small locally owned businesses are more prone to support other businesses in the locality. As they are based in a specific locality, they are also more likely to take steps to sustain their environment and keep it healthy. Small local businesses are also more likely to work with more focus, contribute to local causes, provide jobs within the community without outsourcing, and generally keep the economy of the community healthy and thriving.

Take Care of Yourself the Green Way

The market is saturated with international products focused on personal care. There are so many products that claim to make you beautiful and radiant. Avoid using products with harmful chemicals that provide short-term superficial advantages and long-term damage. Indulge yourself in a sink bath to save water. Focus on natural means to enhance your physical appearance, such as a healthy diet and a good workout regimen, which helps to keep your skin fresh, radiant, and toxin free.

Pass on the Torch

You need to accept the fact that the future of the world does not rest completely in your hands. The future generations are going to be the ones at a higher risk. Hence, it is hugely important to raise our children to be aware of the choices they can make to help conserve the environment. It’s much more effective and easier to mould children when they are young into a healthy way of life. Of course, simply preaching them and nagging them into won’t yield results. You need to set an example that they can follow.

Empower Your Community

Connectivity has taken a completely new meaning altogether. Stop living a life that is disconnected and nonresponsive. Wake up and play an active role in your community by volunteering for local causes, being alert to its requirements, and being proactive in making your community more connected. There is so much you can achieve together with so much less effort.

The Road to Enlightenment

Learning is never a finite process. There’s always something you can do better. Read up on new green concepts and see how they can be applied in your community, and show others the way. Be the change you want to see in others.

These steps mentioned above are just a start. Showing the green path is one thing, walking on it is a completely different thing. When you start implementing these small changes in your everyday life at home, you will realise it’s not just about saving the planet. When you work for something that is not centred on yourself, you are building on your potential to make yourself a better person. So, start on the green path, and discover a whole new side of yourself.