Choosing whether to rebuild your garage or build a brand new shed to store all your outdoor furniture, tools and equipment can look quite an easy decision. Often a garage is associated with the place you store the car, and the shed will offer even more space making it appear the best choice in the unbalanced equation.


However concrete Garage Door specialists Dencroft Garages are sharing some of their best tips when considering this choice that may make you change and go with a better long-term option, the concrete garage.


Depending on which shed you choose, the strength properties and ability to withstand severe weather may not be at the level you require, with some sheds having been blown apart by strong winds across the country. This obviously removes its functionality and leaves your equipment exposed to both potential thieves and the elements.


With solid concrete garages however, this problem is not an issue. At Dencroft Garages, they have developed a mixture of concrete and a special interlocking panel structure that removes any weak points and provide additional strength properties. Such is the initial properties of concrete too, this will make it extremely difficult for a garage to be broken up by weather conditions.


Concrete garages are also more secure than their shed counterparts. With a shed, the security comes from a single lock on the front door, but the timber can be broken or the lock cut. However with concrete garages, aside from the fact that thieves cannot break through the side of the garage, a door can be added with a multiple locking system, as well as other additional features preventing unauthorised entry.


Concrete Garages also repel water better than sheds. Families across the UK have issues with water leakages caused by damp or gaps in the shed structure, which thus ruins the items stored inside. In concrete garages this problem is far less likely to occur, with the garage kept at a much more regulated internal environment. As a result the items stored in the garage are much safer, and will be ready to use the next time you require them.


A garage also offers more space than a shed, unless your garden is extremely large and you can have a bespoke shed built. Dencroft Garages can also offer concrete garages that have extra space within the roof, with Apex, lean too or extra height garages available. This could mean that this winter you can store a larger table away in the garage and get it in easy without having to a) leave it out to fight the elements or b) take some of it apart or damage it to get it through the smaller door opening of a shed.


So the next time you are considering whether to add a shed in the garden to house you outside furniture, why not consider changing the structure of your garage instead and get all the additional properties that concrete garages can offer, from garage door specialists Dencroft Garages. For more information on how concrete garages can provide you with the options you require, call Dencroft on 0800 1182547 and get the best home storage facility available.