The British winter can sometimes feel endless. If the lack of sunlight is getting to you and your friends, why not organise a girls’ trip abroad for a winter vacation?

At this time of year there are lots of bargains to be had because it’s out of school holiday time. If you are free from ties and able to plan a break to re-charge your batteries, why not get some friends together and start planning?

Dream Destination

Anywhere hot and sunny at this time of year should tick all the boxes.There are many places to select your winter sunshine from, you will be spoiled for choice – which means if you shop around and are prepared to haggle, there could be bargains falling into your lap. Having a certain amount of flexibility with dates and destinations will widen the options, too. With frequent flights on major carriers and smaller budget airlines, touching down somewhere hot and exotic is not so difficult. Do plenty of research beforehand about the place you are going – this will enable you to squeeze maximum enjoyment out of your trip but will, importantly, flag up any safety warnings you need to be aware of, too.

Holiday Wardrobe

Once your tickets are booked you need to start thinking about holiday wardrobe. A beach vacation in a resort will require swimwear and lots of light clothing for day and night. Consider playsuits, bandage dresses, cool flowing maxi robes and warmer clothes for the evenings when the temperatures drop. A wonderful place to start hunting down holiday clothing and accessories that are great for daytime and party time is This fun and edgy website stocked with tons of signature looks and perfect party wear offers a convenient online service and fast delivery. Check out Bella Fashion Queen now and get a head-start on your girlfriends with your wardrobe and packing list.

Sunshine Essentials

If you are planning on sunbathing, remember to pack some powerful sun creams with the correct level of protection for your sensitive sun-deprived skin. Also put a large brimmed hat in your luggage, a pair of sunglasses to cut out the glare and ease hangover-squint and some flip flops or sandals that are easy to kick off in the hot sand before plunging into the warm, turquoise seas. A light shirt or jacket to pull over your shoulders, a kaftan or sarong is always a wise inclusion to help protect skin from becoming overcooked on long days outdoors. Finally, don’t forget to pop a book or Kindle into your beach bag.

Away from the beach, you’ll need travel adaptors, phone charger, speakers and boombox to play tunes whilst you’re getting ready to go out and party, a ton of toiletries and a small first aid kit. Er…And your passport. Take note: This is not an exhaustive list.

Salon Date

Book into your favourite beauty salon to get your body ready for the beach or pool. Over winter skin can become dried out, so a deep moisturising regime may be in order prior to departure to remove that scaled lizard lady look! Getting your legs and bikini line waxed beforehand is a good idea as is exfoliating and buffing exposed skin areas. A trip to the hair salon for a trim of your locks will sharpen up your appearance and have highlights and roots touched up at the same time if needed. Consider getting your eyebrows done and if you envisage lots of swimming, eyelash tints will keep you looking fantastic without mascara. A pedicure makes any girl feel a million dollars and you’ll be showing off your toes, so why not go for it? And if you’re having a pedicure, you may as well go for the double and get a manicure, too. You’re going on holiday, you want to feel and look as gorgeous as possible! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Take a Moment

A winter holiday is a great opportunity to relax and unwind away from the pressures of home. Whether it’s work, studying, family or men that are stressing you out, escaping somewhere else is a real tonic because you get a sense of perspective. Make the most of the slower pace, the mood enhancing light levels, change of pace and the company of friends to focus on the good things in your life and how much you value them.

Winter sunshine holidays are right up there with chocolate cheesecake, puppies and solitaire diamond rings. Give yourself the winter gift you deserve, a sunshine break that gives you the boost you need, when you need it the most…