Roposo is the single best online fashion network that has been connecting fashionistas (whether professionals or not) throughout the country. It has been revolutionising the way people think, speak of and live fashion, beauty tips, short hairstyles for round faces, accessories, and more. It has been revolutionising the way people understand and perceive fashion. One of the best ways to become a part of this world of fashion is by becoming an active member of the site and contributing your knowledge of fashion to the platform and connecting with similar minded people.

Why are ‘Likes’ Important for your Posts?

In case that you are new to the fashion scene on Roposo, and finding it hard to gather a bit of attention, there are a few things that you can do to get more than a 100 likes per post. The more popular your posts are, the more followers you have. More followers you have more are the chances of you being noticed as a valuable contributor the fashion scene and a trending Diva.

Now that you are sorted on why is it important for your posts to be popular, here are a few neat tips that will help you cross that 100 Likes mile stone for every respective post; you put up under your name.

Post More Pictures with your respective Posts

According to a recent survey, it has been noticed that posts with pictures to accompany them, or posts that are just about pictures attract more attention to posts without pictures. In comparison to text posts or link posts, images snatch away almost 53% more likes, 84% and higher chances of a click through and also 104% or more comments. All in all, images pretty much rule the posting scene. In case that you are working upon building the followership for your Roposo Profile, you need a larger number of likes on your posts. This is just what you will get with the image posts, with are without a doubt more engaging.

‘Question’ or ‘Query’ Types of Posts Get More Attention

Posts that have an ability strike the curious mind of the reader or start a conversation are often inclined to get 100% more comments in comparison to any other post. These posts are designed to engage the human intellect that leaves more of your followers or other Roposo members seeing your posts and also commenting on them. More the comments more are the likes. More the likes, more attention you and your super posts get. Crossing that 100 Likes mile stone is a cake walk with these ‘Question’ posts.

Keep Your Post Short and Crisp

One of the best ways to attract likes to your posts is when you have less text and more to show, with images and videos. Most retail brands and other leading businesses today use posts that are 80 or less characters to intrigue the interest of potential consumers. The same tactic can be used to generate likes and inquisitiveness for your posts on Roposo. Post posts that are within 80 to 140 characters, especially when attaching a video or link to your posts. This will push the viewer to click through.

Time Your Posts Efficiently

There are a few time pockets throughout the day that have been proved to be the best time to come up with new posts. While most internet users are extremely busy during the morning hours, the mind starts to wander somewhere around noon. This is the time that the office adjourns for the lunch break and the post noon lazy nerves kick in, hence, the perfect time to surf the internet. If you are looking for maximum likes and comments on your posts, the best time to post are between 2 to 4 PM with 3 PM being the most efficient time. Another slot, which is quite popular with students, is 8Pm to 11PM.

Focus on which Day you Post

Not only the time, but also, which day of the week you make your posts is vitally important in relation to how many likes you can get. While the weekends keep a lot of people busy, the weekdays are the time where their minds are looking for an escape from the burden of mundane life. This is the time you strike. Make efficient utilisation of the situation and attract their attention with interesting and curious posts. Within no time, the likes on your post will be escalating.

Post Often and Post Regularly

The best way to keep people hooked to your posts is by being a regular. A study shows that posting twice or more in a day, gathers more followership, likes and comments on your posts than for people who are not so regular.

Follow the points mentioned above to steadily increase the likes on your posts. Use them as a guideline to get more than 100 Likes per post you make on Roposo.