More often than not, retrospection of past brings out our school days which, even today, we regard as the golden phase of our lives. It is surely not the education part that we miss. Unfortunately, neither now nor then the education was on our list of favorites. It could be because as a part of privileged society we took it for granted and thus never liked it though we cannot deny the fact that it was and is the most important factor of our life which can shape our future. It navigates our life in the correct direction to realize our dreams.

Not everyone in the world is blessed with such a life where education comes with the package. Forget the underdeveloped or developing nations, there are pockets in the developed countries like US where people are deprived from any access to education or for that matter, any of the amenities that we call basic requirements. Lack of education means lack of light and once your life is not enlightened you will be cut away from rest of the world. But there are people like David Ostrer who give their heart and soul to a noble cause of enlightening the lives of these unprivileged people. His key area of functioning is Washington state and has vowed to reform the education system by ensuring education for one and all.

David Ostrer- The Reform Hero

His journey to become an evangelist started after he was given a position in the Lake Washington School District administration. Apart from completing the assigned job, he started working towards a different goal that he had set for himself- establishing a model school. He was an educational reformer in and out. Naturally, he worked towards the upliftment of the education system and ensured that there are extracurricular activities in the school to bring out and hone the hidden talents in the students in their right age. It goes without saying that his efforts were recognized and were encouraged by numerous awards and accolades.

Discrimination between male and female child is very common. Surprisingly, a developed state like Washington is no different either. The take of educational system towards the female students testifies it. David Ostrer has decided to move the mountains and give the girl students their fair share of educational rights. According to him, you cannot form a society without females. And the same society has been unfair to the fairer sex at the same time. It is this different view with which he looks at the social issues from the very beginning of his career has made him rightful winner of the title evangelist.

David Ostrer has been a direct and integral part of the educational reforms that have taken place in this state in the last few years. To speed up the reform process in order to boost the condition of education in his state, he has worked hand in hand with the government. Equality in female education which was a neglected issue so far had been his main agenda. And his hard work is already bearing fruits now as the state education system has reached the zenith.

It is his knack for administration and proficiency in the system that has help him achieve his goals. His zeal to make a difference has carved its niche in the Washington educational system.