GTA 5 also known as Grand Theft Auto V, is the most awaited action-adventure game released in the year 2013. It is sequel of very popular adventures game of Grand Theft Auto series. This game has broken many records in terms of volume sales as well collection within couple of day of release.


The setup of the game is based on a fictitious city named as Los Santos, which is inspired form Los Angeles city. The story of the game revolves around three criminals and their exertion to steal and evade law enforcement. Although the game is sequel version however the driving control and vehicles cars have been improved a lot. The driving system gives a feeling of driving racing car to the gamer. This gives easy and convenient operation of games. Weapon selection has been changed into weapon wheel for quick and easy selection. The game is explored on foot as well as on vehicles. The various unique features have been added in this new version which is ready to take you for adventurous surprises as soon as you begin the game. The story line of the game is in three different directions for each character instead of single story line.

Main Characters

Three criminal characters: Michael De Santa (Bank Robber), Franklin Clinton (Armenian luxury car dealer) and Trevor Philips (Ex military pilot). Clothing and hair style can be customized for these characters and a tattoo may also be added. These main characters along with others appear so real and familiar that takes the gaming experience to almost real. The skill level of each character is divided into eight skills which can be improved with time while playing. However the one special skill determines the performance of these characters. For Michael it’s Bullet-Time, for Franklin Slow-motion driving, and for Trevor its special melee attack and causing double damage to opponent while taking only half of damage.


The map is of imaginary city named as Los Santos however several real building from Los Angeles is taken. The map is almost inspired form Los Angeles city making it look like a real city. The map spreads to almost 100 square miles which is more than double from its previous version.

Things you can do in this Game

  • Heists
  • Robberies
  • Racing
  • Death Matches
  • Messing around
  • Earn Money
  • Making Reputation point
  • Customization
  • Creating unique character
  • Create your own mission


Wide range of vehicles are available like Boat, Commercial vehicles, Helicopter, Aircrafts, Compact Vehicles, Cars, Multi Utility Vehicles, Motorcycles, Emergency Vehicles, Jet Skies, Cycles, Military, Vans, Trailers and much more.


Entirely new range of weapon is available of weapon wheel with sound and functioning like real ones giving a feeling of actual assault to the gamer. The players use jumps, run on the road, swim in water or ride on vehicles using melee attack and other explosives and firearms from weaponry.  GTA 5 pc download full game can easily availed at http://www.gta5pcdownload.com/.

Additional Activities

  • Stunt Plane Time Trial Challenges
  • Shooting Range
  • Street Races
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Darts
  • Strip Club
  • Triathlon
  • Off-road Races
  • Bail Bond
  • Arms Trafficking Air
  • Arms Trafficking Ground
  • Hunting
  • Flight School
  • Sea Races
  • Yoga
  • Parachute Jumps
  • Trailers

The game takes you to various task of different difficulty level while keeping all your senses busy and excited.

Though this game released for the play station 3 and Xbox 360, however GTA 5 pc download full game is now available on your desktop without any glitch. The gamer enjoy the similar experience as that of the play station or Xbox.