Facebook is one of the best marketing mediums available to businesses, with an exponentially increasing user base of over 1 billion. While there are a variety of ways Facebook can help your business grow and prosper if used properly, it can also render some severe damage to your reputation. Social media marketing is not a simple job especially for those who have been working with push marketing. The days for push marketing are over and you need to be very cautious in your social media interactions with your customers. There are certain rules and etiquettes businesses need to follow to be able to get maximum advantage from their fan pages.

Facebook Etiquette for Business Pages

Following are a few Facebook marketing rules you must follow to avoid losing fan base:

  1. Never post on other pages with a call to action for liking your page. That is the most ineffective and annoying strategy used by business pages.
  2. Never post about religion or politics on your page as people are sensitive about these topics.
  3. Keep a strict and high standard for the quality of content you post on your page.
  4. If a nation is going through a tragedy do not post during this time out of respect.
  5. Never copy paste statuses from other pages.
  6. Do not post too frequently. Space your posts apart a few hours at least.
  7. Do not connect your twitter account to automatically post on facebook, unless you post only a few times a day.
  8. Never complain in your posts as it never looks sophisticated.
  9. Do not try to promote your page by randomly posting comments on other page’s posts.
  10. Do not send mass messages as they get really annoying with notifications to all recipients every time someone replies.
  11. Always keep a profile picture and a cover photo to avoid looking like a spam page.
  12. If you want to share another page’s post at least tag them in this post to give due credit.
  13. Mention on your page how much time fans might have to wait for a reply.
  14. Have a respectful behavior when posting on another page.
  15. Use humor to diffuse any negative conversations on your page.
  16. Always follow the 80/20 rule while posting on your page. Eighty percent of your posts should be to engage and attract your customers and only twenty percent should be for selling.

You can Buy Likesand promote your business through paid advertisements to increase the reach of your page. But if you do not follow these rules you might end up losing customers instead of increasing your customer base. Facebook marketing is not as straightforward as it seems and you must take every step very carefully to improve your sales through it.