Sexy lingerie is an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe and an important ingredient in her beauty. The effect of lingerie is not that of mere ribbons and lace, instead lingerie adds mystery and charm.

Lingerie Reflects the Secret You

Undergarments reflect the part of a woman that is normally hidden away and sexy lingerie helps a woman feel sexy. It adds an ephemeral glamour that gives the wearer confidence. A woman wearing a sexy bra and panty set walks differently from the woman wearing an old cotton bra and granny panties.

Lingerie is the Body’s Concealer

Just as many grown women would not dream of leaving the house for a fabulous evening out without a layer of face tint or concealer, the sexy woman would never leave the house without her lingerie. Good lingerie conceals unsightly bumps and moves various parts of the body to form an appropriate base for the clothes on top.

Sometimes it is the Barometer for your Mood

If you’re reaching for your drabbest underwear, chances are you are not feeling your chirpiest or your most attractive. Putting on your sexiest lingerie at that point can give you a much needed boost.

The Sexier the Lingerie, the Brighter the Sparks

If you’re in a relationship, sexy lingerie is a great way to set the mood and get your partner in a playful mood. Even if the lingerie is hidden under clothes, it gives you the confidence to move things along.

Sometimes it is for Yourself

If you are single and have been for a while, it is easy to stop seeing yourself as a sexual being and the first thing to go is sexy lingerie. This is a cyclical downfall as you feel asexual and dress more and more sex-lessly … a single day of wearing a gorgeous chemise around the house or a garter belt to office can snap you out of it.

Sexy Lingerie Shopping

It is not the 1800s and lingerie, gorgeous and sexy lingerie, is readily available everywhere, from department stores to speciality stores to online stores. Buying lingerie in any style and any size has never been easier and truly we are spoilt for choice. Now Sexy Lingerie Shopping is a style statement.

Variety is the Spice

There is an endless variety in the types of materials used to make lingerie. Lace, satin, fishnet, spandex, lycra and cotton, embellished with ribbons, feathers, beads and ruffles are the more usual offerings. For the more imaginative leather and metal are also available. Lingerie is available in a range of quality from the inexpensive to the very high end. There is also the type of lingerie to select as corsets, garters, slips, chemises, body stockings and bustiers are only the beginning. Kimonos, teddy and babydoll slips, types of bras and ranges of cuts, are part of the menu. Sexy lingerie has never been sexier.


The important thing is to realise that lingerie contributes to your sense of wellbeing and sexy lingerie gives you confidence. When you feel sexy, your behaviour reflects it and you are beautiful!