The housework never ends and it is very hard if you’re left to do it all by yourself. Learn how you can cope with it easily in this article.

I don’t think that hate is a strong word, actually it doesn’t come any close to the attitude most housewives have towards home and upholstery cleaning. Unfortunately we have to do it, because no man will, after all it is ‘below them’ to preform a women’s job. Whatever I don’t want to fall into the subject because every single time I get so angry. But really how come we can go to work the same way they do, but work twice as card and after we’re finally home we have to do all the cleaning, cooking, tidying etc.

I don’t think it is fair, what do you think? But enough complaining because it won’t get you anywhere and you’ll still have to do the chores. However there is a way to reduce the hatred towards cleaning, or so people say. I’m currently trying to follow some tips I found on the Internet, if you’re interested in changing your attitude towards the cleaning chores. I have printed and place them onto the fridge, so everyday I can reread them.

Here Are Some Useful Tips Which May Help You

The first and most important thing is to accept cleaning as something yo do only for yourself, it is proven that if you do something for yourself you start to like it, just as cooking. Another important thing is to have quality equipment – invest some more money in a high quality vacuum cleaner, you won’t regret it. As for the detergents look for green ones or make yourself some, think about the environment. There are a lot of recipes for homemade detergents, all you have to do is a little research.

Divide and conquer is a strategy used in war tactics, but don’t think this is its only application. You can apply this golden rule in any aspect of your life with great success – save is for cleaning. When you get into a room divide it into little parts and start cleaning it one after the other. You’ll see the finished work right now and this will motivate you to do more. Another option is to start and work your way through the room as you are the hands of a clock, the choice is yours.

Make a schedule – a vital part of any cleaning routine is to have all the work distributed throughout the week so you don’t end up loosing the weekends. Try to make it fun, put some music on and while you’re cleaning sing or dance – just something you like so you won’t mind the cleaning at all. Be persistent if you miss even one chore form the schedule you’ll start missing more until you’re buried with work.

And This Is The Last Option – The Final Resort

It would be great if you can get the other members involved into the cleaning process, that way you won’t be alone and you can bond as a family. If you’re frustrated no one helps you declare you won’t be a servant anymore and they have to do all the chores including cooking, laundering, tidying and cleaning. If they still don’t understand just stop doing any chores and hire cleaning services.