You live a busy life, don’t you? Kids, work, family and friends – there’s a whole lot of chaos going on. And that’s just how you like it, isn’t it? But that doesn’t mean to say you aren’t open to things that are going to make your life easier. Well how about this life-hack with a beauty theme that will instantly free up more time?

Permanent make up. Yes, that’s right – permanent make up that once it has been applied, simply stays there on your face. It saves you so much time in the mornings and it’s immune to sweat and swimming pools. Who knew?

Through all those sweaty gym sessions, morning lengths at the swimming pool, long days at work and tiring evenings at home. It’s the make-up that just keeps on giving.

How can this be possible?

Thanks to advances in beauty technology permanent make-up is now a ‘thing’ widely available to women and men who choose to improve and augment their appearance using cutting edge tattoo technology and techniques.

Permanent make up is micro-pigmentation, similar to tattoos, but slightly different because the pigments used are not the same as those applied in traditional tattooing methods. The technique involves the placement of pigmented granules beneath the skin’s upper layers. Such cosmetic enhancements are growing in popularity, the most popular procedures being brow lines, followed by permanent eyeliner and lip-line redefinition.

You may be thinking: ‘But isn’t this the sort of thing that reality show celebrities get done? I don’t want to look all blinged-up and bootilicious on a permanent basis.’ And your concerns are noted, but fortunately unfounded. By using an experienced and skilled permanent make up artist, you can achieve natural, subtle effects as well as bolder looks. There are many varied styles, designs, shapes and techniques for applying permanent make-up so do lots of research online and get a feel for what’s possible and equally, what’s best avoided.

The best way to find really good permanent make up practitioners is through word of mouth. Ask around your friends, work colleagues, at the gym or hair salon – after a while a picture will form of the best people in the area. Go for an initial consultation and have a chat about what you want. Take a look at the treatment rooms, assess their cleanliness, equipment etc and ask to see plenty of before and after photographs of previous clients. Ask lots of questions because the more you know what to expect the better prepared you will be. If you aren’t happy with any of the answers you get, this can be revealing and helpful in your overall decision.

Numbing cream is conventionally used to neutralise any pain felt during the process. If you live in the Liverpool region it’s good to know that a skilled cosmetic permanent make up artist is on hand who can give you beautiful brows, eyes or lips. That said, if you’ve had disappointing results elsewhere, for semi-permanent make-up correction Wirral is also a good place to get advice and assistance. With less experienced technicians, results can sometimes be unpredictable, if you have a bad outcome and live in the North West, for semi-permanent make-up correction Wirral has a professional and reliable solution.

So if your brows are sparse and poorly defined, why not consider getting them enhanced with some micro-pigmentation? You will be amazed at the instant uplift it gives your features. Friends and work colleagues will be scrutinising you, wondering to themselves: ‘What’s she had done? She looks younger and much more perky all of a sudden.’

Why not go all the way and get eyes and lips enhanced as well as brows? It will save so much time and you will look and feel more confident in your skin. Again, don’t be afraid that you’ll end up looking over-done, experienced technicians are used to adapting applications to each individual client, down to mixing specific colours to match your skin tone and hair colour so that a light touch is assured.

Cats eyes with upturned tails at the sides or more understated eyeliner that opens up the eyes and enhances their beauty – both options are easily achieved with permanent eyeliner treatments. Choose from a variety of colours and styles to suit your taste and needs.

Lips with the perfect cupid’s bow will never go out of fashion, but as we advance in age, sometimes the lines around our mouths get a little blurred. That’s where semi permanent make up helps boost the shape of your lips, improving definition and making them ultimately more kissable.

So, if you feel like a long and complicated morning make up routine is ruining your life, semi permanent make up could be the answer. This is your permanent make-up wake-up call. Ignore it at your peril…