Drunk driving can have many negative consequences on your life, from your health to your relationships with romantic partners, friends and family members. It also can have detrimental effects on your career and employment opportunities. Drunk driving, in short, can be hazardous to essentially all elements of an individual’s lifestyle.

License Suspension

If you’re guilty of drunk driving, you could get your license suspended. If you’re not given a work exemption, then you could find yourself in the situation of not having any way to get to a job every day. You could find yourself having to turn to often unpredictable public transportation options such as cabs and buses. If you have to take a bus that’s often late, you could even end up in the unfortunate predicament of getting fired. Some people also get fired if their jobs require driving abilities, as some do.

Drink Driving and How It Relates To Your Career

Work Absences

Drunk driving can lead to all sorts of legal troubles that call for showing up in court. People who have driven drunk are also sometimes required to take undergo compulsory alcohol treatment. Some even have to serve time in prison. All of these things call for missed time at work. If you miss too much time at work, you could lose your job. It’s also not really fun to have to talk to your boss — and possibly even your coworkers — about your reasons for having to be away so much.

Job Loss Policy

Some employers have strict policies that require them to fire workers who have any criminal convictions, DUIs included. If you happen to work for a company that has that rule, then you may find yourself out of a position very quickly. If you’re arrested for drunk driving and believe that your company may be among those that have this rule, you should alert them to your situation without delay.

Applying For New Work

Losing a job due to factors associated with drunk driving can often bring on an unpleasant domino effect. If you have to apply for new positions, you may find yourself with a whole new set of frustrating troubles. Some employers are extremely reluctant to hire people who have criminal records. If you’re guilty of drunk driving, your employers will be able to discover that by searching your public records.

Pursuing an Education

Drunk driving can also often even interfere with your educational pursuits. Institutions of higher learning sometimes ask applicants if they possess any criminal convictions. If you want to get accepted at a certain university, for example, you may have to confirm to them that you’ve successfully finished a drunk driving treatment program. Otherwise you could risk not having the opportunity to get the education you’ve always wanted.

Seek Professional Advice

If you’ve driven drunk and been charged for the crime, seek the assistance and expertise of professionals. Not only can the attorneys educate you on drunk driving laws, but they can help you figure out exactly how to proceed if you’re guilty of the crime. Remember, patience and research are key to handling these situations appropriately.