Honey is considered as a super-food and a best alternative to refined sugar. It is also one of the medicinal ingredients that help in getting rid of many health issues. If you combine sesame seeds with honey, it makes a powerful punch of vitamins and minerals. Honey is a golden treasure that helps in treating various throat infections, aids in weight loss, and even diabetic patients can replace their refined sugar jar with honey pack to have a healthy life.

Sesame seeds are beneficial in regulating and lowering blood pressure levels. And, when you combine it with honey, the combo helps in reducing, preventing, and getting rid of major health issues. We will discuss all these benefits further.

Enhance immunity

Honey and sesame combo makes immune system stronger. The properties present in honey help in boosting immunity strength and sesame prevents growth of harmful bacteria and viruses in your body.

Reduces cravings

Honey helps in weight reduction. It not only cures weight gain but also help in maintaining oral health.

Heal pain

Honey and Sesame seeds treat abdomen pain. If you want to treat your period cramps, you can take a spoonful of honey and sesame seeds during periods. You can even eat it twice or thrice a week to promote better period.

Treats ulcers

Honey is rich in antioxidants that protect the lining of stomach and sesame treats stomach ulcers.

Enhance bone health

Sesame is great source of calcium and thus, your bone health gets enhanced when you take sesame seeds on regular basis.

Keeps your brain healthy

There are plenty of foods that have major benefits and are good for brain. Honey and sesame are one of these foods that bring power to brain and improve the motor development as well. You can give your children spoonful of honey with sesame seeds to sharp their brain.

Energy booster

Sesame seeds are loaded with high amount of energy and so is honey. When you combine these ingredients, something powerful happens and you feel awesome entire day!

Prevent type 2 diabetes

If you are at risk of type 2 diabetes, you must include sesame seeds to your regular diet. Also replace refine sugar with honey to stay fit and healthy.

Above content are proven in the study made by Indian sesame seeds exporters this year.