When we talk about buying a new phone, it is not as simple as it was used to be. Whenever it comes to technology and shopping, an average user of today has more than a hundred options to choose from within and outside the price range he has. This is what the development and competition in this global world has brought us to. Today, it is all about making your consumer aware of things much more than functional value and relying on experience as well as other brand associations if you want to be loyal to you. Take an example of Apple, how they not only changed the way phones work, but also grew a base of millions of fans not wanting anything else but Apple phone.

When we talk about smart phones, Apple is not the only contender it may be a successful one, but others like Samsung and Sony are not far behind at all. When we try to have a discussion about which smart phone is better than the other one, there are certain talking and focal points that we must discuss. Any smart phone from the most expensive to the cheapest is judged on several steps and criteria points that an average user understands. It is not about the technical aspects which most companies focus on, but usually about the external aspects and everyday use applications and functionalities that come into discussion. Today’s blog is going to talk about these points that an average user can judge the quality of a smart phone on.

The Front End Software:

There are different variations and versions of the smart phone’s front end software. Most companies have their own unique designed software as well. The likes of Apple for example, have their own IOS software that no other phone has while others also run on the advantage of Android based operating systems in the market.

Overall Usage:

After operating system, comes the all-important user experience. How the overall phone performs with and without heavy duty applications is another critical element on which any smart phone will be judged. The idea of overall usage is important because users prefer to have a complete experience when they are using the phone.

Number Of Functions And Applications:

The next thing to look for is the application manager and compatibility options. If your phone can only support limited applications, then it cannot qualify as a good smart phone. This was the case with Nokia, the Windows 8 operating software did not adapt itself to modern day applications and thus the phone’s functional value as well as its user experience was constantly on a decline. Android phones are the most compatible phones when it comes to applications and third party integrations.

Built-In Picture And Camera System:

Another feature which has grown in importance a lot is the camera of the phone. Not only the back camera, but the front camera also plays an important role. You should know how many mega pixels the camera is and what kind of picture it supports.

Author Bio:

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