The toughest section of an essay is, without a doubt, its first part. This is because it should incorporate and comply with many requirements. Firstly, it needs to create a comprehensive image of what the essay is about and what the reader should expect. Secondly, it should be very attractive, it should arouse the readers’ feelings in order to make him read the entire essay.

Last, but not least, your essay’s inception should represent the foundation of your work. It should help you arrange the ideas in a logical order and all your arguments should use the first paragraph as a starting point. This method will lead to the creation of the best custom essay out there.  In order to get your readers attention and create a firm starting point for your essay, you should focus on one of these three methods.

1. Add a topic-related quote

You can use this method when you want to get people’s attention because the reader will relate your essay to the person you quoted. You are writing an essay about physics and you quote Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton or any other significant physics researcher. By doing this your reader will know that you did a thorough research before writing the essay. This way he’ll become very interested in your essay and he’ll keep on going.

Even so, when using a quote to start your essay, you should pay attention when selecting it. You don’t want to use a very abstract quote, one that has none or little relevancy for your essay. You can’t use Malcom X’s quote “The future belongs to those who prepare for today.” When you are writing a physics-related essay.

2. Write a funny story

Funny essays will always attract readers’ attention. You should make use of funny stories to get your readers attention. Let’s say you are writing an essay about Newton’s Third Law. You can write a funny story about the last time you hit a punching bag and he counterattacked you when you weren’t expecting.

You can make use of these funny moments and relax your readers. This way, they will be more malleable and you can get to their feelings easily. Once you bring your readers into a comfort zone things will be a lot easier because they will be willing to listen to what you have to say and find out more about the topic you researched. This type of statement should be backed with strong and coherent demonstrations.

3. Come up with a daring assertion

This type of assertions put you in a position of power and people always listen to those in this kind of position. They listen because they will assume that you’ve made a thorough research about the topic and they will presume that you are an expert on that subject.

Before you make this kind of statements you should first focus your energy on making a meticulous research about the subject you are writing about. You don’t want to make brave, but groundless statements. It may happen once or twice, but after a while, people will find out that your statements are false and they’ll not take you into consideration anymore.


Writing an essay can be quite difficult, but if you approach it in an efficient manner you won’t have any trouble in creating a one of a kind essay. Your starting paragraph should create a comprehensive image of the essay’s topic. Apart from this, the paragraph should also get your readers’ attention by arousing with their feelings.