A standard office may have a cubicle field, tightly coiled carpeting and wide-open windows. Computers and desks fill the interior so concerns over safety aren’t normally a priority for managers. However, there are hidden dangers in any office environment as employees move through the space. Explore these safety precautions that you should take as you walk through the office, warehouse and other locations.

Prioritizing Safety At The Office

Maintain Roller Doors

Roller doors are normally found on warehouse openings so that large trucks and pallets can pass through with ease. These roller doors are incredibly heavy, however, and they pose a safety hazard when maintenance is minimal. Schedule regular maintenance calls for each roller door on a monthly basis. Chains and gears require lubrication and adjustments. With consistent care, the door can safely roll up and down upon request.

Invest in Window Ladders

If you have a business that has two stories or more, safety becomes even more important for those workers on the upper floors. Add an escape ladder to each floor so that workers have an option during a major emergency. Fires can trap people, which makes portable ladders that much more important. Consider the number of employees on each floor so that you can buy enough ladders for safe passageway.

Remember Ergonomic Needs

Safety also extends to employees’ health needs, such as office workers at desk jobs. Always have ergonomic chairs, keyboards and other resources on hand so that workers don’t develop repetitive injuries. When employees are comfortable for most of the day, they can be as productive as possible. You’ll also notice fewer sick days as a result of these smart resources.

Encourage Protective Eyewear Use

Most office workers don’t require any eyewear, but they might if traveling into a service area is common. Protect everyone’s eyes with proper safety glasses. Each worker may have glasses at their desks, or you can create a common space near the service area that holds glasses for use. Encourage their use with signs and gentle reminders. Your eyesight is an important resource to keep safe.

Schedule regular safety meetings with the employees each month. New hires, temporary workers and other personnel may not be aware of certain rules or changes to these parameters. When everyone knows about safety around the office, any emergencies will be treated with calm minds and automatic reactions. From fires to earthquakes, emergencies must be prepared for at any business office.