Google Pixel has already entered in the market last year October 2016 which impressed it users with its fabulous features, but people were not happy with the price, because it has little high price which can’t be afforded by common man. Business man can afford it easily, and this smartphone is proving that it is best for business works as well.

Already, we have beast from the Google that are already launched, the Google Pixel. The advantages of the smartphones are clear: smaller, lighter, more discreet, editing and sharing photos instantly and it does many more things than shoot. Obviously also it has limitations, but in my experience the advances in mobile cameras make increasingly less the drawbacks of using them as travel camera. So, you could at least expect that Google would overcome it with the Google Pixel 2.

Google Pixel 2: The Rise

Of little use to make some great photos if the camera takes five seconds to open or to save photos eternities. Not much use super-fast camera with a lamentable quality. Finally, flexibility is that the camera is able to take itself all the right to take the picture when decisions but give me enough control to change adjustments quickly and effectively in case you want a particular aspect. And this is done perfectly, so it would be there in the Google Pixel 2 too.

The numbers look good, but the important thing is to know how well it works. One of the things that struck me when starting to use the camera Pixel is the fluidity and speed with which the camera application opens. Press the button twice-home smartphone opens the camera almost immediately, as it is in standby whenever you’re not using. It may seem a minor detail, but it’s my favorite feature of the terminal and can make the difference between getting an important photo and losing. You can press the button while you’re still getting and you are ready to shoot when you have the screen in front of the face. Hope, it would happen in case of Google Pixel 2 camera app.

In the present, high-end smartphone of Google, the interface is slightly more complex than in other phone, but the essentials are all at hand. On the left direct access to frequently used functions (except the effects, who uses them?) And right access to the photo album, video record button, the trigger, the switch to front camera and the button to change so. The Pixel 2 enabled by default “Auto HDR” mode, which analyzes the scene and decides whether the picture would benefit from HDR mode and how much, applying the effect automatically to take the picture. This is something we’ve seen on the iPhone and that I personally love. Although not all photos need HDR mode, sensors such as mobile, limited dynamic range, can be the difference between a photo and a magnificent useless. Previously you had to decide right away if you wanted or not using HDR and sometimes-even find hidden in menus option. You can also force the HDR mode (with stronger results than in Auto mode) or turn it off if you’re absolutely sure not to love. So, Google Pixel 2 is also going to be a perfect smartphone.