Online content isn’t only about text and image. Many Internet users are able to access high-speed data connection and videos already become their daily digital staple. Videos are not only designed for entertainment purposes, but also for education, informational, technology and business purposes. Many businesses regularly add videos in their websites to better connect with consumers and professionals in the industry. If we plan to add videos in our website, we should make sure that they will also get the needed SEO benefits. In this case, we should write attention-grabbing and interesting headlines for our videos. It means that video titles should include primary keywords and main subjects of the videos. This could include modifying the filename of the video and the webpage. By doing this, we won’t get lost in the online crowd. We should be able to find catchy titles for our videos and they will be better noticed by bots. Other than adding videos in our website, we should also publish our videos in popular video outlets.

Effective SEO Methods For Videos

There are many video outlets that we can choose, such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Yahoo Video and others. This will give our video more exposure and we could provide URL links in the description sections, boosting traffic to our website. We should get essential messages to many people and if our videos are interesting enough, it could go viral, at least in our industry. This will increase the popularity of our website, encouraging people to give us one-way links to our website, boosting our search engine positions. Videos should also be given relevant tags and when uploading new videos we should add our keywords. Tags could be primary keywords we use in headlines, descriptions, titles and others. Thumbnails for videos may also be needed and by providing still-shot images of our videos, we can encourage people to watch, especially if we use interesting scenes. Thumbnails could be crawled by search engine bots and displayed in Image Search area, adding more pathways for people to find our videos. Essential videos should be added in the main page, because bots regularly visit our main page to see whether there are changes that need to be indexed.

It is important for us to add new videos frequently, if we plan to have more involvement in the video area. Bots will notice if we publish videos frequently and more will be included in the video search section. Search engines are looking for the most relevant and freshest content, so we should make sure that our videos are interesting enough. Videos could also be added in social media platforms and this will further improve our SEO efforts for our videos. Social media platforms also allow us to use keywords and tags. Search engine bots will see more correlations and if people watch them often, we could gain significant benefits. Web addresses should always be included in the comment or description section. It means that search engines will find it easier to find our URLs.