Is your HR department loaded with multiple tasks? Are you feeling that employment history verification taking too much time of your human resource team? Are your HR executives remain busy while conducting a thorough verification of your employees?  Undoubtedly, performing a comprehensive verification of each candidate consumes huge time of your human resource team and thus deviate them from core activities.

Employment Verification Service Helps In Streamlining Your HR Functions

Herein, you need professionals that are specialized in conducting thorough verification of data furnished by job candidates. Outsourcing third party verification is the most prudent way to verify your candidates. In fact, it alleviates the burden from your human resource team. Now, they can focus on core tasks which in turn boosts their productivity.

From various researches and studies, it has been found that many businesses lose their capital, confidential details, and critical projects due to fraudulent cases. These scenarios has opened the eyes of various small to large level companies which were previously reluctant to get their data verified.

In present time frame, there are a large number of companies, offering effective employment verification services to fulfill the growing demand of companies in context to verification. Outsourcing third party verification from a reliable service provider is an ideal way to hire right candidates who have no bogus records.

Given below are the steps taken by third party service provider for successful validation of the details furnished by a job candidate:

Previous employment verification: Companies specialized in conducting verification get in touch with previous employers in order to validate the information he/she has furnished in the resume. In this verification, they confirm dates of employment (start and end dates), designation held with previous employer, reasons for leaving the job, and salary details. It may not be possible for all companies to carry out lengthy procedure through involvement of in-house HR team. Considering data verification services from a reliable service provider, saved the valuable time of your HR team and thus deploy them in other core operations of the business.  

Education background verification: It is also a crucial part of third party verification procedure. In this, data verifiers get in touch with all institutions or colleges where the candidate has received degrees. These skilled data verifiers check all educational records by contacting colleges via phone or email.  With the help of this, they can verify whether the candidate is genuine or not.

Criminal and social records verification: It is the most vital part of complete verification procedure as in some cases, job candidates try to veil criminal records to get a job in a reputed company. Because of this reason, background check is crucial before hiring a candidate for a specific job position. Highly trained data verification agents have secret resources to check whether the candidate is involved in any criminal offense or not.

Employment verification boosts HR team productivity

Without denying to the fact that every company have HR team that handle recruitment tasks. For a respective position or vacancy, they select the candidates by going through their profiles listed on job portals. Their set criteria is to match the candidate’s skill sets with the job requirement. In addition to this, they check relevant experience in the particular field. Keeping these in minds, they elect the candidates for a particular job position. However, they don’t conduct a thorough verification of the data furnished by job aspirants at the interview time. It acts as an add-on tasks to their core work responsibilities. Going through complete details will take huge time which further reduce their work efficiency. By acquiring third party verification services, companies can leverage the productivity of HR team. Experienced data verifiers working at third party verification firm, conduct a comprehensive verification of the data given by job aspirants at the time of interview. They follow methodical approach to examine each details in-depth.

Considering third party verification boosts the HR productivity in the following ways:

  • Employment verification speed up the process of recruitment as employment history verification is done by experienced data verifiers.
  • It helps in providing quick joining dates to the candidates who have no false records
  • HR personnel can effectively perform their crucial tasks like payroll management, recruitment, attendance, and organization of events.     

Therefore, it is essential to acquire employment verification services to streamline your HR tasks and gain a competitive edge in the growing marketplace.