Recovering metals for their value goes way back thousand years, whereas, today it is a crucial aspect of many scrap metal recycling industries. At present recycled metals provide almost half of the world’s steel production. If you think that is the most you get out of the recycling metals, think again, from recycle metal almost one third of the world’s aluminium is produced and nearly forty percent world’s copper is produced from it. The recycling industry is on the rise every year more that 150 tons of scrap metals are recycled.

The industry is growing not only because of the profit it incurs but because of the major environmental benefits that it provides. From energy conservation, conservation of natural resources, greenhouse gas emission reduction, to several economic benefits. The recycling of metals provides various benefits to the environment which leads various investor to invest in scrap metal recycling business in Houston, Texas and various other places in U.S.


The American economy has flourished mainly due to recycling of scrap metals, the industry itself flourishes and leads other industries to grow with it. The employment has been created due to the recycling industry and along with it the revenue is also immensely generated.


As the resources available in earth is finite, so, we as protectors of nature are burdened with the objective of saving the available resources. The recycling of scrap metals works so wonderfully where it preserves the finite resources we have on earth. The conservation is done in various levels from aluminium which conserves bauxite to steel that conserves iron ore and the likes.


The recycling of metal is generally processed and completed with minimum electricity usage as compared to the production of metals done in the nascent ore. The metals thus produced saves more than ninety percent of energy in both aluminum and copper whereas, steel and iron saves up to sixty percent of energy, respectively.  


Apart from conservation, the recycling helps in controlling of the greenhouse gas emissions. The usage of scrap metal recycling not only reduces the greenhouse gas emissions but works towards reducing mining wastage and prevents wastage of water in a substantial rate.

The recycling of scrap metals have influenced in every domain of the American economy, the impact could be seen in various sectors. Of all the sectors, environment is mostly impacted  and benefited by the recycling of the scrap metals industry.