It is hard to determine the total number of blogs on the web, because it continues to grow each second. Tumblr alone has more than 260 million accounts. Imagine that number combined with WordPress, Kirby and other blogging platforms. It is even more difficult to determine the number of men’s and women’s blogs precisely, but most of the statistic’s data proves that majority of bloggers are women. That fact, however, does not mean that they are better bloggers, and does not point out any difference other than the mere quantity. Are there any real differences or similarities between men’s and women’s blogs? We will try to answer that.


Today, we have blogs literally about anything, from religion to cats, and it is impossible to have precise information about who does what. What we can conclude is that there are some themes that prevail with both sexes. The women tend to write the most about lifestyle, fashion, parenthood, personal finance, career, relationships, weddings, food and home décor, while men are focusing on cars and other gear, finance, business, software tools, movies, videogames and grooming. This does not mean that things cannot go vice versa. Some of the topics that have the similar appeal for both men’s and women’s blogs are: travels, DIY projects, product and service reviews, etc.


For many people, blogging is not just a hobby, but a profession. That means they have to earn their livelihood by doing it. In the crowded web, it is not easy to stand out and earn a lot of money, neither for men nor for women. What we do know is that among 10 highest paid bloggers, there is only one woman (Gina Trapani). Is that the internet being sexist, or it just happened to be that way? The topics for these 10 blogs are electronic and tech, life hacks, skills and tutorials, events and arts, finance, website design, celebrity news (do not let the prejudices get the best of you, this is a man’s blog) and business.

Being Social

We all know that an important part of every blog’s marketing strategy is being active on social media. When we are observing the general statistic about using social media, we can observe that women are more active on most of the popular social networks (women have 55 percent more Facebook posts than men; each month 40 million more women visit Twitter than men). Men, on the other side are leading in using LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+.

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: Are Their Blogs On The Same Planet?

The Examples

An example of man’s lifestyle blog, IDKMen, covers number of different areas, such as home, wealth, sport, cars, luxury and travel, while the same branch woman’s blog, 2 Cats & Chloe, contains areas like diet, travels, beauty, home décor and DIY. An example of successful blog built on killer content is Huffington Post (addresses to both sexes), which is actually the most popular blog with more than a 100 million of unique monthly visitors. Far behind it, the second and the third places are occupied by TMZ (gossips) and Business Insider.

As we can see, a good blog is a product of creative thinking, quality writing, consistent marketing and knowing your audience. It does not depend on the sex of the person writing it. After all, we are all from the same planet.