Daniel and his best friend Alexander decided to start their own business a few months ago, and after recently reading about how the Bank of England has extended credit support for small businesses until 2018 they determined it’s the perfect time to apply for some business credit to get their new establishment aptly named The Gentleman’s Pub, some funding for their dwindling advertising budget.

The Gentleman’s Pub is not your typical pub because it offers not only am immense amount of ales and beers from all over the globe, but they have incorporated some ‘secret family recipes’ in the food offerings at their pub. From their specialized version of Shepherd’s Pie made from mum’s old family recipe to the popular Ploughman’s Lunch with a twist. They need to get the word out on all the brilliant beer, ale and food menus have to offer. One people realize who and where they are they know their pub will quickly become one of the most talked about pubs in the London area.

Their establishment has not done poorly since it opened, but they really need to get the word out and bring their brand into the forefront of consumers in at least a 10 mile radius. They have already begun their social media marketing campaign, having put up a business profile on Facebook and other platform, which has gained some positive integration and reviews from those who have become visited their establishment and then went on their social media page to leave a great review. But it’s not enough to tap into the consumers in the surrounding areas.

Alexander remembered one of their old school mates had gone into the marketing business so he decided to give him a ring. His friend offered to meet Alexander and Daniel for drinks at their pub, where they can sit down and go over a few ideas he had for them. Of course he expected to be compensated for his advice by having a taste of their food offerings at the pub. Fair trade as far as Alexander was concerned.

When the men met at the pub, their friend started to explain how using bespoke leaflets could generate communication with locals in the area about their pub. The leaflets are not simply designed with their logo, but also be delivered to the specific demographics and audiences they hoped to engage and communicate with. Using leaflets is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise.

They can be distributed through a newspaper or magazine, placed in mailboxes by the local post in specific demographically desirable locations to get the attention of the specific audience they are searching for. Unlike full size advertisements in newspapers and magazines, leaflets are small enough to fit into a woman’s purse, a man’s wallet and even pockets.

Online advertising is great but it can’t be physically passed on from one person to another. Leaflets on the other hand are small enough for consumers to carry and a fabulous way for others to pass them on should they come across someone they know looking for a great new pub to visit.

Their friend suggested they contact Letterbox Media. He explained, “It’s a company that specializes in leaflet marketing campaigns. Not only are they one of the most trustworthy they have a reputation of being quite reliable and more importantly professional. They can get you some great results using bespoke leaflets that target a client’s specific demographic needs.”

He went on to explain they do a brilliant job when it comes to helping clients with specific designs which will create a more beneficial targeting for the audience of consumers the pub is hoping to communicate and engage with.

Alex and Daniel will be making that call tomorrow, it sounds like bespoke leaflet distribution is exactly what is in order to grow their business. If you are looking for a greater saturation in marketing your business, selling products or services make sure to visit Letterbox Media (http://letterboxmedia.com) for more information today.