Choosing wedding entertainment for your big day is almost like choosing your partner for life-it has to be enjoyed by and appeal to the wedding guests, all while reflecting your personality as well. When all your guests are making merry and burning up the dance floor, you can rest assured that you have had a great wedding with great entertainment! Here are some tips on choosing the right band for your big day to appeal to your aging grandparents as well as your teenage cousins:-

Famous Wedding Entertainers Of Ireland

1) The Size of Your Venue is a Major Criterion

It is important to consider the wedding reception arrangement along with the number of guests to choose the right musicians. For smaller venues and intimate setting, consider a one man show such as Simon Casey or a three piece band like The Funky Buskers- both these emphasize male vocals and have an acoustic style set up for the perfect ambience.

If your wedding is being held at a larger venue, you might want to consider high energy bands with five or six members such as House Party whose sounds can carry easily to all corners of the locaton.

2) A Large Selection of Songs will keep Everyone Entertained for Longer

Wedding bands generally have a good mix of different music styles to please the range of guests, from classic numbers to country songs to latest trends. For instance, Simon Casey has over 200 songs in his repertoire and The Firm offers variety through close to 200 songs to keep your guests entertained all night.

3) Themed Music for a Different Wedding Experience

The latest trend in wedding entertainment is to choose a different style of music for the couple’s big day. Music in genres like Latin, Jazz, Swing and Salsa are slowly gaining prominence in themed weddings. Simon Casey and band can cater to these different music genres as well. The Swing Cats are also gaining popularity for their mesmerising swing style music, as are the Nouvelle Club for their trendy jazz style groovy numbers, setting the tone for a catchy wedding.

4) Aim to Include the Guests in the Festivities

Wedding bands should always aim to provide the guests with the feel good factor; they should want to get involved in the wedding festivities. Hire wedding singers and bands with infectious grooves like Mid-Term Break, Simon Casey, etc to keep the dance floor alive till the early morning hours.

Your wedding day should be devoid of any kind of worries, including that of selecting the right band to engage all members of the wedding party. Choosing Simon Casey and his band with his incredible range of songs and incredible knowledge of music will add that extra touch of class to the most special day of your life. Choose from the full range of wedding entertainment offered by Simon Casey and have your guests entertained by the best in wedding entertainment in Ireland!