Remember the saying: less is more, so if you want a nice, cozy house, try to leave free space to breathe. You need only geared up to make it comfortable and functional for you and your family. Unlike what happens with a new home that you receive empty, a new tenant never comes alone. Whether you’re married or single or come from your parents: you load luggage. So the first thing is to make a list of your belongings and place them mentally in the spaces of your new home and determine what do you lack basic.

If you’ve lived alone or with a partner, you already have confident to start, nothing should make sure that everything works and fits in your new spaces; not so, get rid of old furniture or sell them and evaluates the possibility of buying new ones that fit your new life.

The personal finance experts recommend buying only what is necessary; remember that just made the biggest and most expensive purchase of your life and your finances probably were somewhat weak or at least without large surpluses or savings. Ideally, you save them as an emergency fund so you still have in the bank or investments.

But if your mattress is already threw a spring and your refrigerator is not coldwell or is too big for your new kitchen, you should definitely make spending, always appropriate to your current economic possibilities and with the premise of not go into debt, especially if you bought your home with a mortgage.

Is it Possible that something goes unnecessary?

If you have a stove or grill and your new house has kitchen, something you have left. If you have a beautiful closet or a dresser that you inherited from your grandmother, but the department has dressing room and closets construction or already built, you probably do not need any more place to order your clothes. It is a good time to think about a garage sale or to donate. The idea is to reach the new home with what you really need.

What are the basics?

This is a list of the furniture, appliances and goods essential to equip your new home and make it functional. Take it as a base; It is intended to achieve a practical space without spending large amounts of your budget.


  • Bed. It can be a base or box spring and mattress.
  • Place for storing clothes. Although you can always buy a dresser or a closet, the ideal is that the house has a closet or dressing, to better organize the wardrobe.
  • Basket with top for dirty clothes.


  • Microwave. With this you can live a while without a stove.
  • Fridge. It is a long term investment, so it is the best one of at least 10 or 14 feet, that works the same for one person than for a family of four
  • Breakfast area. Some time ago the table and four chairs are the wave. Consider whether the table for 12 is dispensable, especially if the size of your house are reduced.


Although it is one of the most important places in the house, you hardly need more than a good pair of bathroom towels and other hand-drying, anti-slip mat for the shower or tub.

If your new house is small, opt for a beanbag chair and loveseat for entertaining family and friends.