VisualCron is the single solution for your enterprise operational needs. Providing advanced features of file transfer, email, XML handling, file or script execution all at one place, VisualCron simplifies the development and the order of the operational optimization in a seamless manner. Managers need to monitor constantly and refer to the advancements made in the projects, and any lack of communication or data inconsistency can affect the overall performance and delay the process altogether. Adaptive to your business process requirements, it streamlines your enterprise automated processes and extends the capabilities by creating tasks and triggers about your resource management.

The single-sufficient solution for all business automation processes, this tool provides an advanced platform for task scheduling, integration and automation of your business requirements. It consolidates scheduling system application and database. Incorporating all essential information on a single forum, our software has emerged as a greatly reliable application for a large cluster of business houses. Derive the power of effective data management by leveraging the most efficient task scheduling and automation tool for Windows.

It can reduce the time needed during implementation and help in elevating the service levels to maximize your returns on investment. With the latest 7.7.2 version, you get the enhanced security options, very flexible way of controlling the flow between the Tasks, apart from the new features that are upgraded to meet your expectations without affecting the interface’s user-friendliness.

The key features of VisualCron are as follows:

  • Tasks for everything

Understanding that every business operation is unique in its right, this tool accommodates more than 100 tasks for different technologies. Whether it’s .NET code execution, Instant messaging or handling database packages, VisualCron is the ideal solution for task handling.

  • Extended logging features

Based on your work requirement and operational demands, this tool enables you to audit, manage output logs and do a lot more at reasonable costs. Reacting and controlling flow based on error type and output can be real easy with this flexible and compatible software.

  • Simple and effective user interface

Data management needs to be done swiftly, and that is where a simple-to-use interface can make a difference. Regardless of whether it’s creating the tasks or handling desktop macro handling, any user can find this application suitable for multiple usages.

What most tools today lack is not the features but the kind of user experience that would encourage even the non-IT people to work without referring to a manual every ten minutes. You do not require any technical background or expertise to learn or use VisualCron tool. Designed to meet the interests of every individual, the utility features support your work practices seamlessly. Thus, you no longer have to spend weeks getting trained for a software. Be your teacher and enjoy learning how to make the most out of this next-generation tool.