Ecommerce has certainly changed the way we shop. It has made shopping convenient and also more affordable. With so many options and unending discounts, ecommerce is obviously a promising premise for consumers and companies. But there are some inherent challenges of online shopping. From returns to fraudulent practices, delivery hassles to shipping costs, there are some issues that have been plaguing the ecommerce industry. But as far as deliveries are concerned, UK couriers have certainly outdone themselves and their peers in other countries.

The report for the first quarter is in and UK couriers have delivered more than 94% of orders on time. This comes in the backdrop of the dismal performance in the preceding quarter. The period ending in December witnessed one of the worst performances of UK couriers. Whether it was a domestic delivery or a parcel delivery to Spain, UK couriers failed to deliver on expectations. One way of justifying the dismal performance was the massive quantum of orders. The Black Friday phenomenon had taken many by surprise and ecommerce companies as well as couriers simply could not manage the upsurge.

The on-time delivery of more than 94% of orders in the 2015 quarter is the best for UK couriers since 2011 when the ecommerce industry started keeping a tab on these performances and thus stats. During the same quarter, the attempted delivery rate was as low as 2.9%. Now this is not just an accomplishment of the UK couriers as ecommerce has undergone some changes and companies selling online have become more conscious of accuracy of consumer details. Customers too have understood the importance of coordinating well and providing exact details of their purchases and whereabouts which is helping the UK couriers to get better.

What’s interesting in such a revelation is that UK couriers have managed to excel with one day or next day deliveries as well. Everyone knows how demanding the same day or next day deliveries can get. And yet, UK couriers have successfully lived up to the towering expectation.

Given the trends, ecommerce is poised to get better. Europe has also been ranked as one of the best zones to have prevented ecommerce fraud. With deliveries getting better and frauds being prevented well, it is a win-win for carriers, ecommerce companies or businesses that sell online and for consumers who are feeling more encouraged to shop online.