No matter which game you select for playing online, the fundamentals of playing these games are the same – select a contest, draft a team and see how the players perform.

This has been the premise upon which the daily fantasy NASCAR game is being perceived to be developed by the games websites which have other sports in its portfolio.

Lot of Potential

The NASCAR, as a sport, has immense potential to be developed as a daily fantasy auto racing game. This is being said in spite of the legal veil that has so far prevented NASCAR from surfacing as a daily fantasy game till now. Perhaps the way NASCAR operates has raised questions about its legality online, as it hosts a single sporting event that goes against the requirement of hosting a contest that offers prizes in real money. And this is the reason it does not figure in the list of daily fantasy games that are on offer.

Looking Forward

The day may not be far when, the immense popularity of the sport will compel websites to include NASCAR as one of the daily fantasy games online. The auto racing arena holds high promise of earning big bucks in cash prizes when launched online. Assuming that you would be playing the game online some day, get introduced to the game and know how to play daily fantasy NASCAR.  The playing modality has two parts – finding a contest and playing the game.

Finding a Contest

You need to have the skill of navigating the website smoothly to find contests and gather more detailed information about it.  The sequence of actions could be like this.

  • From the Sports Menu on the main page that contains a drop down list of different sports, select the one you like. Once introduced, NASCAR would find place alongside PGA, NBA and NFL.
  • Next you have to select the type of tournament by pressing the appropriate tab – Multipliers, Head to Head, All Guaranteed etc. There are a variety of contest under each type.
  • To sort the contests that are being offered, use advanced filters to sort contests according to start time, entry fee and size.
  • Another way of sorting contests is by entries, sport, prize pool, entry fee etc. There are tabs for selecting the sorting option.

If you want to gather more information about a contest it can be obtained by clicking on the contest.

Entering a Contest

  • Locate the contest on the main page lobby and click the “Enter” button.
  • You will be directed to a new page where you have to select the drivers. You get information about the races that are available for the drivers. It is possible to sort the drivers against specified parameters and obtain detailed information about each including their salaries.
  • By clicking the + sign against the driver’s name you can draft the driver into your team.
  • Click the Submit button after you have completed your lineup.
  • Pressing the “Enter” button signals that you have joined the contest.