Photography is an important part of wedding that capture the essence of emotions during the D-Day. Photographer has to capture the best moment that will be treasured as memories. Today, candid wedding photography has become a craze with couple going for pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots. The main intention of doing this is to capture the togetherness and prepare them for the big day.

Indian Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas

This is also the great way for couple to know each other. Moreover, it also helps familiarize them with their wedding photographer. Additionally, a pre wedding photo shoot is a great way of showcasing one’s creativity. This article presents you with tips on pre-wedding photoshoot for couples and photographer.

  • The Location: This is the most important part of pre-wedding shoot. Location plays an important role t make the shot more happening and in story telling way.  You can choose beach, field, palace or any other location that can make the photoshoot more happening.
  • Use of Props: To make the shoot more fun and happening, using of props is the best way. Big spectacles, hats or any other items can make the photo come live.  You can even use engagement ring in different ways. There are some classic ring poses that can be used or the photographer can use any new creative shots.
  • Bollywood Style Photographs: Using of poses that symbolizes Bollywood poster can make the photo look filmy. The candid photographer can try some more new poses that symbolizes eternal love. The couple can even print the photo to frame it.
  • Adding Bubbles: Bubbles can create dreamy effect and make the simple looking picture romantic. The photographer can ask the groom or bride to hold the camera and click pictures of each other while blowing bubbles, the photographer can then capture them in candid shot.
  • Using of Captions: This is the most happening shoot that a photographer can do with couples. By adding elements like cards or chalkboards to write on it can be creative. The photographer can ask couples to hold the elements so that the moment can be captured in candid way.
  • Capturing on Ride: This is something unique that a photographer can try. Using public transports r even asking couples to ride on cycle can make the picture look appealing and creative.  You can go for a ride in an auto rickshaw to make your photos really stand out.

There are other pre-wedding shoot in India  ideas like use f balloons, standing on the divider of the road as the vehicles passes on and few other ideas that can really make the photo stand out. Best  wedding photographers in  India can be found at Canvera.