In this age of global business, an almost similar and uniform guideline for accidents at work has been laid down which makes taking care of all aspects of accident at work both easy and tough for all. However, when one is met with an accident at workplace, one should be smart enough to go the right way apart from taking care of the injuries on priority basis. Some of those guidelines are –

Guidelines To Heed When Met With Accidents At Work

Take Photographs of your Injury

It’s best to take photographs of injuries before first aid or while going through the first aid. These photographs stand as a testimony of the injuries suffered and help make your compensation claim for accidents if valid much easier.

Go for the Best Treatment Possible and Heal Well

For the injured, it is critical that he/she undergoes the best treatment possible and ensure that no permanent damage is left behind. The doctor’s instructions should be followed to the tee. Simultaneously, one should not try to cut short the recuperation time and join work earlier than the doctor giving the clean chit to join work. It may look superficially that the wounds have healed but it may not be healed from the inside. If expedited, it may cause health concerns in the future.

Report the Injury

Irrespective of whether the injury is eligible to be claimed for compensation or not, it must always be reported to the supervisor. The doctor’s bill, prescription, medicine bill, receipts for test conducted etc. should all be properly filed away. If required, they prove the ultimate arsenal to claim compensation. The reporting also benefits the employer in a big way. It facilitates him investigating the accident and installing all preventive measures to prevent a repeat scene in future.

Keep a Daily Notebook or Journal

In case the injury is eligible for compensation, it’s smart to keep a daily journal of possible. In that journal, one must mention about the injury and its healing process. Thoughts about how the injury is affecting you should also be penned down like the activities that you could not be done because of injury, the extent of pain and physical pain or discomfort, any trauma that you might be facing etc. However, one must also ensure that everything that is penned down is true and no false exaggerated painting is penned down. This can help you recall well when questioned about the accident and greatly help your cause of compensation claim.