There is a wide range of smartphones available in the market and we don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars on buying those expensive smartphones. However, once you buy an expensive mobile like iPhone, safety becomes a major issue. Therefore, for protecting your device, you need to buy a case.

Various manufacturers offer a wide range of cases from which you can pick a case as per your choice and preference.  This guide will brief you about various iPhone cases available in the market.

Various Types of Smartphone Cases

  • Skins

Skin type case is one of the most picked cases in the market. These cases are made from a flexible and thin material such as silicone or rubber. This case adds a protection layer to your smartphone without bulking its’ slim profile while giving you an extra grip for preventing your device’s accidental slipping.

These cases come in varied thicknesses, however even the thinnest case should be able to protect your device from scratches. However, one disadvantage of buying these skins is that they don’t provide any protection to your device’s screen.

  • Shell Cases

Shell case is another type of iPhone case, which uses thin metal or plastic and wrap around your device’s back and sides while leaving screen accessible to you. Most of the people go for this case since it doesn’t add any bulk to the device’s body and allow them to show off their smartphone’s cool design. This case is good for protecting the back of your device, but not its’ screen.

  • Wallet Case

This case is suitable for people, who don’t want to carry a smartphone and wallet at the same time. Wallet cases are available in different designs depending upon the manufacturer. However, all of them follow the same principle. The main component of this case carries smartphone while separate compartment space is used for keeping IDs, bills and credit cards.

Mostly men and women both use these cases, but female version of this case has added space for storing cosmetics.

  • Rugged Case

These cases are a must pick for people, who are a bit careless and the chances of the device getting damaged are high. These cases are designed in such a way that there is full coverage of ports and phone such that it can resist all types of calamities and weather conditions.

  • Sport Cases

Your iPhone can also work as a music player and many users therefore carry their smartphones for doing workouts. Sport cases allow people to talk on their phone or listen to music without affecting their workout.

Most of the sport cases also have space for keeping wrist bands, cards etc., so that, there is no need to carry any bag during workouts for keeping accessories. Some of these cases have an armband accessory and water resistance feature, so that users don’t need to hold their smartphone while walking, running or playing any sport.

Hope this guide will assist you in choosing a good case for your iPhone.