Some people believe that adding an extra pound during the Holiday season is customary.  However, you have an option to change the way you look at Holidays.  By having a holistic retreat when you travel to Thailand, you can guarantee that you will be shedding that extra pound and keep your overall health sound.  This country has been the favorite destination of celebrities who want to harmonize their body, spirit, and mind.  Here are some of the best destinations in Thailand where you will not only enjoy your vacation but you can also maintain your tone figure.

Having A Holistic Holiday

Indigo Pearl

The Indigo Pearl located in Phuket, Thailand is perfect for individuals who love lazing around.  They offer amazing packages where you can check out late.  Breakfast is available any time of the day, and you will have an hour of spa treatment at Coqoon Nest and a 30-minute massage that will eliminate all the stress that you are feeling.  You will also get an access to their wide selection of DVD, magazine, and books.  It is definitely a premium package for people who just want to stay away from all the stress brought by the Holiday Season.

Chiva Som

For those people who love the beach, you might want to consider the Chiva Som that is nestled at the shore of Hua Hin, Thailand.  This resort is primarily focused in optimizing the health of their guests.  The resort is fully equipped with health professionals such as naturopaths, doctors, nutritionist, fitness trainers, spa therapist, alternative medical practitioners and Muay Thai trainers.  They also offer an affordable package for people who want to look younger, lose weight and reduce stress.  They also offer nutritious meals which will guarantee that you can continue your healthy lifestyle during your Holiday vacation.


This is a holistic and detox resort that is starting to become the favorite of the celebrities.  The Kamalaya located at the island of Koh Samui in Thailand offers specialized package that will suit your needs.  Whether you intend to lose weight, reduce stress, detoxify or maintain your health, there are packages that are suitable for you.  The island is also a nice place to learn Muay Thai since there are a variety of boot camps in the area.

Absolute Sanctuary

Those who love to learn yoga will find Koh Samui a great place to stay. The stunning resort of Absolute Sanctuary includes detox, spa and Pilates packages and they also provide their guest with an array of programs such as weight-loss and anti-stress.  This place is a private spot, and the rooms are pretty limited.  There are only 38 rooms, and the distractions are minimal.

The next time you go on a Holiday vacation, realize that there are various options that awaits you in Thailand that encourages you to stay healthy.  You may also go on a training camp to learn Muay Thai at muaythaiworlds while you admire the glorious nature and unique culture of the country.  The places mentioned above are just some of your choices.