A conference room is often a room that is used for many purposes – smaller businesses, especially, take the opportunity (as they should) to accomplish in that room different varying tasks. However, a conference or meeting room is still a room in which people meet and confer; so it should be designed well to suit the purpose. Even if the space is used for multiple purposes, you want to make sure that it has all the amenities and tools to accomplish the goal. Ever wonder what the greatest meeting places should look like? Here are the top tips you should know about when designing a conference or meeting room.

Let’s go over the basics

You want your conference room to be able to accommodate all the visitors, so choose a room that’s big enough – but not too big, otherwise it will be hard to make it comfortable and cosy. You will need to ensure that people have plenty of freedom to move around without disturbing others. Floor area is an important consideration.

TV display stand

Your company should be in bold

If you’ve ever been in a conference or meeting room and were unable to see any reminders of what company you are currently talking to, then it’s a sign the company didn’t pay enough attention to self-promotion. Proclaim who you are in the conference room – be bold and be proud. Often a simple poster and some pictures – even products on display – make people more focused on business matters.

Comfort and practicality

It’s a matter of efficiency and getting things done in a comfortable and practical way. Make sure that all activities that are related to the meeting can be done without leaving the room: making phone calls, checking something online, watching a DVD, or printing and photo-copying.

Extra amenities

Make it pleasant for your visitors and the members of the meeting: have a small fridge, a counter for food, a coffee machine. It’ll avoid interruptions or people taking breaks too often.

Use technology

Use large TVs and mount them or use a proper TV display stand for flexibility and visibility. Have an audio system. Use technology to your advantage.

One thing that is often underestimated when it comes to the design of the conference or meeting room is the lighting. Lighting is very important – you don’t want your members to get eye strain when they have to read reports, and neither do you want there to be too much glare when you are projecting a presentation on a screen or wall. Lights with different intensities and different colours often do the trick, or another great idea is to have a dimmer switch. Last, but not least, install heating or air conditioning for optimum temperature. It’s not just about the comfort of those who meet; it’s about making everyone more productive.