Earlier this year, when HTC announced the release of HTC One M9, there was curiosity, but to be honest, the customers weren’t that curious about the mobile after the release. Since the company announced that it is the only mobile for the year 2015, it is obvious that we need to wait for one more year for the release of HTC One M10.

Let’s talk something about HTC M9 that released this year. Like I mentioned above, it couldn’t carry the popularity after the release and hence the customers were disappointed with the features that the mobile got. This is why the basic fans of HTC are looking forward to by a HTC One M10 hoping it won’t carry any sort of disappointment.

Though it will clearly take another year for the release of new version, we need to depend on the leaks and the rumors about the new device. From the list of rumors, we got to know that HTC is going to have a stunning new look that would over look the design of its previous version HTC One M9. And it is also said that it would beat the smart phones like iphone 8 and Samsung Galazy S6 in the long run. The leaked press renders to be showed that a beautiful phone has got that potential, the buyers are really excited to buy it.

Speaking about the 2014 HTC One M8 mode, there were tweaks and improvements for the recent release HTC One M9 and looks like it is going to happen for the same in the case of the upcoming release which will happen within not less than a year.

Talking about the differences from the previous versions, we can say that the performance of HTC One M9 was not up to the expectations and it delivered a poor performance from the viewers. At the moment, it has got 20.7 megapixel lens without an optical image. The stabilization about the flagship device was actually released in the year 2015 and talking about the battery, it didn’t look that better and hoping it’ll be better in the upcoming version.

There was some good news from the sources we heard from that The Taipei Times HTC is going to have an extremely strong second half of the year 2015 and even a better on in the year 2016 with a new flagship of smart phone. This is going to be completely re designed by the next year.

Coming to the final verdict, it is not easy to say that whether it is going to be a successful model or going to disappoint like its previous versions. However, expecting that they’ll be releasing something great this year to stay in the competition along with some of the biggies like Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5. If this to be believed, we can say that they have learned from the mistakes of their past and are going to develop a new one with all new features in the upcoming model.