Air Conditioner Price in India, is determined according to their ISEER rating, higher rating reflects that the product has a higher power saving rate, making it a perfect and efficient choice. When making a choice to buy a new air conditioner, one must go through all the aspects which contribute in getting the perfect deal, from its price to its features and the technical factors like its power consumption and cooling capacity.

With the growing increase in AC market, companies are also notching up their game by adding innovative features like air filters. In a way, offering a two in one to the customers, by providing an air condition that will also serve the purpose of air purifier. Summers are just around the corner, and this is the perfect time to invest in an air conditioner, if you have been looking for one. Let’s go through a list of best selling ACs in the last year.

L- Aura Plus LSA3AP5M

This is a 1 ton split AC that comes with a 5 star rating which will definitely help you save some extra bucks from your electricity bill. The Air Conditioner Price in India, for this AC is set at Rs. 31,990. Some of its features include ‘Himalaya cool’, ‘monsoon comfort’, and more; which help clearing all the humidity from the surroundings. 3M micro protection filter which removes bacteria from the air, auto clean, dual protection filter, timer, sleep mode, and basic remote control features with night glow buttons are a few other features that can be found in this AC.

LG Bs-Q186C7M1

This LG product will definitely make your life better, clearing all the bacteria and viruses from your home, using its triple filter technology. This LG Air Conditioner Price in India starts from Rs. 55450. It comes with a capacity of 1.5 ton with an ISEER rating of 3.34. It has a minimum noise level of 29db which contributes to a serene experience. Some of its features include timer, dehumidification, sleep mode, fuzzy logic, air swing, dust and anti fungus bacterial filters etc.

Daikin Air Conditioner FTKD71

This Daikin AC is a 2.2 ton product with an ISEER rating of 3 stars. The split AC comes in white color and has low noise level. The Air Conditioner Price in India for this is set at Rs. 58280. Some of the air conditioner features of this AC include; intelligent eye, night set mode, inverter powerful operation, auto restart, dual flap power airflow, wide angle louvers with 3D airflow and basic remote control features. This product doesn’t provide any air purification filters and also has lower rating, which might make it a skeptic choice.

Hitachi Kaze Plus RAU318HTD

The product comes in white color with its 1.5 ton capacity and a 3 star rating for energy saving, which will provide you the perfect cooling at an average power saving rate. Its noise level contributes to 34 db, and it can take up to 230 volts of energy. This Hitachi Air Conditioner Price in India is of Rs. 35024. Some of its features include auto humid control and climate technology, powerful mode, filter clean indicator, timer, sleep, silent cooling, fan speed and power saver mode etc.

Mitsubishi MSY-GE18VA

This is an inverter cooling split AC manufactured by Mitsubishi, which comes in white color, and has a capacity of 1.5 ton with a power saving rating of 5 stars. It works on an electric advanced technology that helps cool the room within a minute, even on the hottest days. This Air Conditioner Price in India is placed at Rs 55400. Some of the product’s features include auto mode, auto restart, air swing, timer, power saving mode, dehumidification, and thermostat temperature control and moisture removal.

 Blue Star 5HW18SA1

This split AC has an ISEER rating of 5 stars, which guarantees you that you will be saving on some extra bucks. This Blue Star Air Conditioner Price in India is set at Rs. 35992. The product comes with a 1.5 capacity that contributes to its durability and fast cooling. Some of its attractive features include sleep mode, timer, anti Acarien filter for killing the bacteria, silver Ion filter, auto startup which works on memory backup, self diagnosis and LED display. It has a vitamin C filter and Catechin filter helps to assure the health of its customers.

All the air conditioners listed above serve to fulfill the basic requirement of cooling but the choice between these can only be made based on the customers’ requirements and pocket. LG Bs-Q186C7M1, despite being the most expensive choice offers you with air purification filter that will keep you safe and healthy. Where L- Aura Plus LSA3AP5M, also offer you the same anti bacterial filter but with a price difference of almost Rs. 20000. You can make the choice based on the brand value of the company in the market.