There are lots of ways that people make moving day more complicated than it already is. This will add to the stress of the situation. A moving day that is too complicated could last into the late evening rather than taking the few hours that it ideally should.

What are some smart ways that you can make moving incredibly simple for yourself and for the removal company which you are using.

Plan The Floor space Well In Advance

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is not planning the floor space in the new house. You should do this as soon as you buy your new house. Work out exactly where each piece should sit in each room, and stick to this plan because changing your mind at the last minute will only create more problems.

You can do this for each separate room, thinking about how easily it will be to move around the room once all the furniture has been put inside. New pieces of furniture can also be factored into the floorplan at a later date.

Once the floor plan has been finalised, you can move everything in and have it arranged within a matter of half an hour. The rest of your day can then be spent admiring your new house without wasting time by shifting lots of furniture around in different combinations.

Choose The Moving Company Well In Advance

Don’t leave choosing removals firms in Cambridge until the last minute. You might find that you have picked a really bad company, which doesn’t know how to handle your goods properly. Potentially lots of your possessions could be broken or damaged if you haven’t researched the competency of the moving company.

Another risk is that you could sign a contract with the moving company without realising that they have lots of hidden charges. This will make your final bill much more expensive. You might also discover that the company does not have the proper insurance to move your belongings, which will leave you out of pocket if anything happens to get lost or broken.

Get Rid Of Lots Of Unwanted Items

We collect lots of different possessions over the course of our lives. We tend to put a lot of these possessions up in the attic and then forget about them because they are no longer useful. You should think carefully about the clutter that you have acquired in your attic before moving day arrives. Some of the items there can be kept because you still use them occasionally or because they have deeply sentimental value.

However, the vast majority of goods inside your attic will only end up taking precious space inside your new home. Choose which items to throw away and which items can be sold or taken to a charity shop.

You need to make moving day as simple as possible, and this will only happen if you are proactive.