The mantra of any real estate agent who knows how to effectively sell your product has to do with the location. A property in the market that will attract as many buyers as possible should be in the right place at the right place. If we apply the same logic to an ATM, the desired result is almost the same: place as many people as possible in front of the machine. A well-designed by ATM Machine Rentals for Events can be rewarded, but this requires prior research. This is a point that National Cash clearly wants to express and that is also the purpose of this article. Finding the right location at the ATM is more complicated than most people think, and the fact that not all stores have the same footprint means we can’t just say, “Put it near the entrance door.”

An ATM is an optional investment for gas stations, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, and so on. However, the purchase and installation of these devices is more profitable based on concrete examples of data from 7 to 11 convenience stores. 7-11 stores with ATMs in the right place registered about 6,400 transactions per month. A 7-11 who had his ATM in an “average” location would make about 3,000 transactions per month. These figures are impressive, but the fact that ATM users statistically spend at least 20% more on store purchases is another reason to think about the investment problem. Use rates are certainly a factor for companies that have chosen to invest in an ATM for their store, but the ease of these machine additions means customers are likely to have less money to recover.

Naturally, companies want to know where the best place for an ATM is. According to National Cash experts, companies have the opportunity to buy or rent ATMs, somewhere near the main entrance, a double benefit. First, it will give buyers who are arriving, despite the ATM’s presence, a way to get the money immediately they need for their purchases. It also offers passersby the opportunity to stop and use the ATM, look back and decide if they want to make a purchase or move on to their destination. National Cash also suggests that a sign in your store window informs both groups that there is an additional reason to check offers. Finally, security is a major concern when it comes to locating ATMs. A well-lit area, regularly visited by other people, will provide the sense of security needed for frequent use.