One thing that has always been a wish of every person as a kid is getting gifts on their birthdays or when they attain some achievement. Kids fantasized about different toys and playing with them, and even tough smartphone has more or less given them an alternative, but many kids still love to play with toys. Many people even if they grow old have kept some of their toys as prized possessions due to their uniqueness.
When people grow old, they usually do not play with the childish toys but still wish to keep some toy which is a collector’s item and can add to the looks of the house. Novelty is the term used for objects which do not have any practical purpose but known for its distinctive features and appearance. Novelty gifts are usually small goods, gadgets, executive toys, collectibles, and can also be a souvenir. The toys made for adults are also categorized as novelties. Some of the popular novelty items are New Year’s glasses, Kitcat Klock, Lava lamp, Pet rock, Toffee hammer, and Magic 8-ball.
People think of souvenirs with the word novelties and the small gifts or collectibles that they receive when someone in the family or friends goes on vacation in a different country and brings back some gift for them. Novelties can be anything from wallets, sunglasses, watches, kitchenware, magnets, ornaments, and even craftily designed guns. People who visit tourist destinations definitely bring back many gifts and novelty items for their family, relatives, and friends. Giving novelty items are a very good way of showing people that you care for them and have thought about them even while you are on vacations.
Novelty is also defined as something unusual, distinctive, and new. The novelty item increases the curiosity of the person who is seeing it for the first time. The novelty items are also mostly used for marketing and promotional purposes. You can give certain novelty gifts for your friends or any of the relatives who like to keep guns and are passionate about new rifles, pistols, and other guns. Your friends can keep the novelty gifts as souvenirs and place it in the cabinet of the lounge just like any other decorative item. Some of the popular and innovative novelty gifts for gun lovers includes

  • Shotgun shotshell coaster set

The coaster set is mostly made from resin, and it resembles exactly like a 12 gauge shotgun shell. The coaster set is best to prevent any stains from a cold beverage or a hot mug of coffee.

  • Bullet pint glass

The bulletproof rock glasses are quite cleverly designed, and the bullets embedded in glasses appear quite distinctive and cool. This glass will certainly provide humor to the person who is a gun enthusiast.

  • Pistol safe box

If you have a gun for safety in your house, then you definitely want to keep it safe so that the kids do not reach it. The pistol safe box is best the thing to store the gun, and it comes with electronic locks and even a fingerprint option.

  • Gunlock

What better gift than a lock that is designed like a gun. The gun lock even has a dial to give a touch of locking a safe.

  • Handcrafted revolver

A handcrafted revolver is probably the most common item that most people gift to their friends who are gun enthusiasts. The revolver is made from metals and wires and gives a feel of a real gun, and it makes for an ideal gift for anniversaries and Father’s Day.

  • Bullet Corkscrew bottle opener

This bottle opener is designed exactly like a .50 caliber bullet. The bottle opener is made from realistic copper and brass colors which are die-casted in zinc to give a realistic feel. You can stylishly use these bottle openers in a family gathering or a private event and amaze the guests.

  • Gun Mug

One of the most stylish and exquisitely designed novelty gifts is surely the gun mug which many gun enthusiast simply love to have. The amazing pistol handle of the mug is what makes this gun mug truly special gift to give.

  • Bullet earplugs

Earplugs are one thing that nearly every person owns and uses with his phone or laptop. The novelty earplugs can give the impression that a person is wearing real earplugs when they are not. The earplugs also come with a keychain.

  • Bullet pen

People really like to give beautiful ink pens to their friends. This novelty pen is shaped like a bullet and also comes in a stylish box. It is not only unique but also functional, and people can sign papers and notes with them.

  • Gun wine opener

The gun aficionados will simply love the gun styled wine bottle opener. The savvy and stylish bottle opener will be a classic with a vintage wine bottle.

  • Revolver shaped screwdriver

Screwdrivers are one common tool which is needed in every household to manage small mechanical problems. The revolver shaped screwdriver holder is quite unique and ingenious. The revolver has thin compartments that can easily store 6 to 7 screw-driver.

  • Whiskey chilling rocks

The bullet-shaped stones can easily keep your drink cool without diluting it with the ice cubes. Both gun enthusiasts and whiskey lovers will love this novelty gift. It is stylish, unique and functional.

  • Bullet LED Flashlight

This small flashlight may look like a bullet, but it is quite handy and can be given as a gift

  • Revolver cylinder pen holder

People always have simple pen holders, but this platinum revolver styled pen holder looks quite beautiful. People can keep this pen holder in their homework and it can store 6 pens at a time.

  • Shooting bottles

These are colorful bottles which are made from Polyethylene and brightly colored. People can use these bottles as targets.

  • A tank shaped with a bullet shell casing

If your relative or friend is in the military, then this bullet shall be casing designed army tank will be the best gift for them and also serve as a thank you for their services.