Weddings are an occasion that requires everything to be perfect and flawless. Be it the food, decoration, flowers or entertainment. Hiring the best wedding band is not a simple task. But keeping a few things in mind will help you pick the right one.

There are a lot of wedding bands in Galway to choose from and picking one for your big day can get quite taxing. Everyone wants to hire the best band but it is not possible to be completely sure if you are getting the right one. So you need to be very cautious while choosing one.

While there are many things which you need to keep in mind, there are certain points which will help you make the right decision.

1. Type of band: Most wedding bands in Galway are the kind where a group of 4-5 people perform on stage. These are 4-5 hour performances, depending on the band and also how much you negotiate for. While this is the most common instance, there are bands where you can get an individual vocalist to perform a few soulful numbers. Simon Casey is one such singer who is available to perform some single tracks on the piano while the guests are in a serene and romantic mood. His band joins in later when it’s time to get up and shake a leg. This is quite a hit with many couples and is the perfect way to set up the evening.

2. Personal touch: It is important that the music played on your D-Day is personalized to suit you and your partner. Most bands will love to interact with the bride, groom and other family members to know about the kind of music they love. If you have certain tracks in mind that define your love story, tell the band about them. Wedding bands are supposed to incorporate such requests to make the occasion memorable for the two most important of the day. Such music is like a trip down memory lane before you step into your new world.

3. Experience: Hiring a band that has played at many places and for a mixed crowd is one of the many factors one should look into. Such bands know the taste of people in various places, such as wedding bands in Dublin know what people like there. But if the same band has played at Galway as well, that is an added bonus.

4. Costs: Weddings are all about budgeting and everyone assigns a certain amount they want to spend on various aspects. So while short listing bands, talk to them about all kinds of charges to reach the final amount you would be required to pay. Besides the cost of performance, some also charge for extra equipments, backgrounds and other things. However, the main equipments should be a part of the main performance cost and not an extra.

5. Popularity: A wedding band’s popularity is another criterion that you need to look into. You can ask the band to give testimonials of various previous clients. You can even get in touch with the previous clients yourself to get a fair idea of the band’s performance quality and also other things. The experience that most customers have had with the band makes your job of finalizing the best wedding band easier.

So go ahead and hire the best wedding band for your big day. Keeping these simple tips in mind will lead you to choose a good band and make your special occasion memorable for you as well as for your guests.