Booking a coach transfer might not be among life’s most delicate and taxing matters, but this doesn’t for one second mean it’s necessarily a great idea to take things for granted. Generally, it’s quite difficult to stumble upon a coach firm these days that are substandard, but while there is a will to make some money at the expense of truly honest people, the ones on the darker side of this kind of business will always find their way to do it.

And this is exactly why pro-activity is important – it’s pretty unlikely that people will fall foul of a dishonest dealer, but nevertheless it’s worth minimising the risk to zero with a little bit of planning and caution. It’s not far from the truth when people say that the coach transfer company you choose has the real potential to make or break your scheduled trip. So, no matter the nature of your transfer, it will be always worth to know what to look for and what standards you can expect.

Be proactive and ask as many questions as you would need in order to have peace of mind – a quality coach service will be always more than pleased to answer all your queries.


One of the most crucial transfer service qualities is that of timeliness. There’s a big chance you’re not going on a trip just for the sake of it, and there’s a place you need to be at a very specific time – the coach company’s job is to make sure that happens. Sign up with a dodgy dealer and there’s every possibility that your 9am pickup time will be more like 9am-ish in their eyes… which is far from ideal. And if you have a ferry, flight or other connection to hurry up to, this kind of service can put a very real and premature stop to your trip.


In general, the old days of uncomfortable coaches that smell of nothing else but the previous travelers is truly over… but only if you choose the right transfer provider. The executive standard of the previous decades is these days the only real standard anyone should look for and expect – new vehicles with functioning air-conditioning and a variety of refinements. While prices have been downgraded, quality standards have received a well-needed boost. No matter what kind of vehicle you need – from simple buses in Canterbury to more specialised wheelchair accessible mini bus hire in Dover services – there is something for everybody.


Another issue that is mostly overlooked is safety. As stated above, it’s pretty rare these days to deal with a transfer company that doesn’t treat the welfare and safety of its passengers with high regard, but they still do exist. And while this is the case, it’s crucial to make sure these companies are not booked by chance even for the shortest of trips. From low-quality vehicles for inexperienced drivers and right through to the ones with no licensing or insurance, choosing badly when booking could have the potential to endanger health and safety.

Driver Knowledge

A superior transfer company that offers only the most experienced and professional drivers means the kind of peace of mind only experience and wisdom can bring. There’s no need to point out the difference between a driver that relies on a map 100% of the time, compared to a long-serving driver with knowledge that knows all local routes and their alternatives in case a hold-up presents itself. More often than not, this won’t be needed, but it’s great to know it’s there just for complete peace of mind.

Plan B

And some more on the same matter, an experienced transfer company will know very well what to do when something unexpected occurs. From minor accidents to vehicle breakdowns and anything else, it’s crucial to know that your schedule and plans won’t be suddenly halted just because the vehicle has! Plan B could be anything from backup buses, help with other means of transport or anything else that will get you to your final destination safely and in a timely manner.

Low Prices

And last but certainly not least to book with a quality transfer company doesn’t simply mean all of the above, it also includes the lowest and best value for money price on the current market. A professional coach company will never allow to be undercut on any given trip of any type, which simply means there is nothing really to gain from overpaying when choosing an inferior dealer. Never forget to put the company you’re considering to the test by asking them if they would match a better price you are offered at another place – there is a big chance the company will do exactly that.