HMB is one of the more beneficial substances for athletes. It allows for increased muscle recovery, better muscle growth and prevention of the breaking up muscles. HMB is also known as beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate” and it is a type of anti-catabolic substance. HMB is essential to ensure nitrogen retention in our body. With enough level of HMB in our body, we should be able to lower the muscle protein turnover and in turn, it will minimize the protein degradation.

HMB should prevent the breakdown of muscle tissues, especially after an intense exercise. During long individual exercises, muscle breakdown or catabolism may occur. Thus, we should be able to ensure positive gains by consuming more HMB in our diet. With enough HMB, we should be able to shift anabolic growth for our body. It means that athletes are able to work more often and harder while reaping significant benefits. However, it is important to make sure that we don’t get HMB only from supplements. This substance can also be obtained from catfish and grapefruit. In order to get enough HMB, we need to consume a large quantity of them, which is not very practical. Supplementation should be a much easier way to improve our situation.

Thermogenic formulas are other things that we should have if we want to perform well in sports. They should allow us to get more energy. Appetite can be controlled, metabolism may increase and we could reduce fat level. Thermogenics are substances that can raise our metabolic rate. It tells our body to focus on using body fat as the source of fuel. This is essential during physical exercises and for ordinary people, thermogenics are able to increase their basal metabolic rate.

This means that during normal routine functions, more energy will be burnt by our body even during a resting state. Thermogenics are consisted of specific fat-burning substances mixed in specific ratio. They should allow us to lose fat more quickly. These substances are stacked to create a powerful synergistic, fat-burning effect. However, thermogenics work best if combined with sensible exercise and diet plan. For many athletes, their aim is to shed excess body fat and add muscle mass.

Antioxidants should also be useful for people who want to get additional nutritional benefits. With enough antioxidants, athletes should get plenty of long term benefits, such as better circulatory system, less bruising, enhanced immune functions and improved muscle recovery. Free radicals are constantly affecting our body.

We could gain free radicals externally and some of them are produced internally. In fact, physically active people and professional athletes have higher levels of free radicals in their cells. These substances are caused by intense physical activities and they can attack cells in our body. High level of free radicals can cause stress and fatigue, while impairing our recovery and performance level. Common antioxidants for athletes are glutathione, selenium, beta carotene, vitamin E and vitamin C. The fact that antioxidants prevent degenerative diseases should come as a welcome bonus.