In real estate assets and associated operating companies, The Javelin Group, LLC makes strategic investments chiefly through the development of hospitality properties and senior living facilities.  Javelin’s main investment viewpoint is to associate with worthy operators to simplify the growth of its system and achieve its strategic purposes.  Since its beginning, the principals of Javelin have deployed in excess of one hundred million dollar in equity commitments from a grouping of finance companies, official investors and high net worth individuals, and investment funds.

Alan Naul is the founder of The Javelin Group, LLC and is accountable for sourcing all stages of development, transactions, structuring and capitalization, and operator and investor relations. Before Javelin, Mr. Naul worked or the Hampstead Group as a Managing Director, where he has been active in all aspects of the firm’s corporate investments and real estate. His duties include perceiving and executing portfolio acquisition and single asset strategies and for asset management of the firm’s investments in the hospitality and senior healthcare fields.

Mr. Naul always works along with his entire team to ensure that the company reaches its objectives easily. Moreover, his skills in the following fields have also helped his company to reach newer heights of success such as:

  • Real Estate Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Due Diligence
  • Dispositions
  • Real Estate Economics

He completed his education from Southern Methodist University before moving into the profession. His company, The Javelin Group is currently offering services in the following sectors:

  • Senior Care Real Estate: Javelin capitalizes through the entire senior care range to include assisted living, skilled nursing, independent living, and memory care. The company aims to be associated with the premium operators who look to expand their strategic network or geographic footprint.
  • Hospitality Real Estate: With immense variations in progress in the hospitality sector, Javelin is known to create métier developments and make strategic investments.

Javelin’s principals have been involved in numerous hotel investment and relocation programs and have deep relations with brand companies and operators.

Being the owner of The Javelin Group, LLC, Alan Naul makes sure that his company earns maximum profits by offering the clients with the best possible services. The staffs here make sure the best in class services are provided. The Javelin Group specializes in Hospitality Real Estate, Senior Care Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Assisted Living Real Estate, Hotel Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate Investing as well as Real Estate Investing.

Thus, Alan’s passion for work and his devotion towards his company has helped the Javelin Group to earn more profits and become one of the most reputed companies in the United States.

In addition to being a well-known founder and President of the Javelin Group, Alan has the passion for adventurous sports. So, in the spare times or when not working, he loves to take part in games such as snow skiing, hiking and traveling. Furthermore, he is an enthusiastic follower of local professional sports; and follows Dallas Cowboys football and Dallas Mavericks basketball meticulously.