We should be able to attract new customers by using one-page fliers. They can be made sweet and short with exceptional images. New businesses can be attracted through proper marketing efforts. For many small businesses, it isn’t really necessary to distribute complex tri-fold brochures with glossy paper and pretty colourful designs. In the end, we should encourage customers to make proper buy decisions. Often, the local market needs to be inundated with marketing messages to effectively capture customer attention. Even with one-page fliers, we should be able to answer questions. These fliers are effective in delivering sales pitches and there are things to consider before we develop an effective brochure.

Images decide the effectiveness of our one-page fliers and they are important when we want to create effective marketing brochures. At the most, good fliers should have three images and the company logo is essential. The logo should be present prominently in the flier, especially when we want to hand it out to the current customer base. Images should reinforce customer’s supports and this should validate the partnership. Images in our fliers should be eye catching and can resonate with the current customer base. As an example, fliers of a moving company could contain a picture of small family that recently moved to new house. Straightforward images with smiling people could send positive experience to other people.

How to Attract New Customers With One-Page Fliers

Lastly, fliers should contain an effective infographic, which is an image that contains some text. A good infographic can deliver a lot of information with very few words. It could be used to showcase essential features of our products. Obviously, text is important in our flier, but it can be a big mistake to us too much mistake. We may make it easier for people to understand our content by using bullet points. We should avoid using text only as padding to fill empty space. Our text should be able to identify problems and convince users that our products or services are the solutions. Customers can be directed on how they can gain additional information, so we could put phone number and website address in our flier.

Even an extra full sentence can be too much text on our marketing flier. In best one-page fliers are those that can deliver most information by saying very little. Our products and services should be able to deliver the best solutions and results. One-page fliers should be able to reinforce positive opportunities. It means that potential customers are encouraged to call the sales representatives. After reading our one-page fliers, people may also visit our website to perform online research. We should use fliers based on the designed purposes. Important ideas must be reinforced and we should be able to obtain new businesses. One-page fliers shouldn’t answer all questions or provide in-depth product information. We should try to make sweet and short one-page design with engaging text and great images. This should be a good solution for all of us.