Your study of architecture will be the space where creativity flows to design those projects that inspire and move lives. You must take into account different factors so that your entire team has an optimal working space and with this article you will learn how to choose the perfect office for your architectural study.

  • LIGHTING WILL BE THE KEY : For any job that requires creativity, good lighting will change the game, especially if we have access to natural light. Your employees will feel better in a well-lit environment and will be able to produce more and give their imagination a chance to design and present new ideas. Good lighting will also give you a feeling of spaciousness for the office environment to flow. Look for an office with large windows that allow the passage of sunlight during the day and in which you can enjoy the lights of the city for those days when they must stay working late.  Visit  to gather more information.

  • YOUR OFFICE SHOULD SEND THE APPROPRIATE IMAGE : Demonstrate your skills in design and your architecture study reflects your talent, so that when your customers come to visit you, since entering your office are convinced that they should choose you. Preferably look for an office that serves as a blank canvas so you can customize it as you like. Co-working style spaces, even those with large offices, may not be the best choice for you and your architectural studio, as these places usually have strict policies on the type of modifications that are made to the offices.
  • THE RECREATION AREA IS ALSO IMPORTANT : Even if you have chosen an office for your study of architecture in which you could include a comfortable dining room for your employees or a rest area, it is also important that the office you choose has options close to those times when we need to take a break or for lunch time. It can be as simple as choosing a building with access to a food court, so that your employees have variety to choose from, or an office with access to a social area or balconies where you can recharge your energy to keep working. lot of information regarding how to select your private space.
  • THE REPUTATION OF THE AREA ALSO INFLUENCES  : The area where your studio is located will have a direct impact on how your customers see you, as well as they and your employees will feel more secure, for example, when parking their cars or if they have to leave your office late. Find an office for your architecture studio in a good area.
  • DO NOT FORGET THE BASICS : Although we know your architectural study is special, do not forget the basic factors that you should take into account when renting or buying an office, such as accessibility for your customers and employees or if the location has several outputs to mitigate the time you spend in traffic.