Many of have a question why it is important for a project to undergone in the the quality testing even the project developers ill design in that strategy and it seems to be weird for them, but the fact behind that one if more important. In the testing process of quality assurance the project is verified according to the them, once the project enters into the quality checking it is first debugged and then its whole concept is verified, once if the project get debug then its concept sometimes changes it is because the tester tend to change the bugging concept and they implement or remove some features which brings some more changes in the project, so it is important phase in the whole project life cycle. Some approach the outsourcing quality service especially software quality assurance companies like DeviQA gives better and best products for the people.

The whole project life cycle involves requirement gathering and many more process, there are much software are available which is more helpful for the tester to make their process easier and help them to ease the problem without more effort, while testing they might involve various steps so that many changes will occur in the project sometimes the theme will change so involving the client in each step they process is more important to give them the best even if their needs are not able to do then you have to clear them at each and every step and you have you provide some optional support for them.

Some tools like JIRA are used as helper for the testing person, which might test, track and identify bug more easily without the need for tester to search in the entire coding. Some organizations maintain separate team as testing group and they process all the projects done by the team members who work for them. There are two types of testing process will be carried to assure the best product in the final stage.

  • Black box testing
  • White box testing

Black box testing is very simple and easy when compare to the white box testing. In this method whole implementation, internal structure, algorithms used all will be checked by the software which is installed which is not known to the tester they simply use this tool and analyze their search results with this tool.

White box testing is also more good and its done by the tester manually, the tester will check for the implementation and process carried over by the project which may help them to get rid of the bug and many more error on the project.

Both type of testing is done in the project, once if the project is outsourced then they no need to worry about the quality they mainly focus to provide more good quality.